The Paper Project – Introduction

I’m sure there are many paper projects but this one is specific to testing Copic markers on the various papers available. Like most of you, I started on a quest to find the best paper to color on. Therefore, I hope to perform various experiments on each brand to see how they measure up. If you want to follow along, feel free to grab the Badge from the sidebar and display in on your blog!

Welcome to the Paper Project!

With the help of a few friends, I’ve gathered several different papers so far to test on. Sending out a huge thank you to Annika, Beccy, Donna, Peggy, Ruby, Vicky and Zoe for building my paper supplies. *Thanks!*  Below is the list of papers that I’m working with.

  1. Stamping Bella‘s Bestest Paper White
  2. Copic Beedproof Markerpad 70g/m2
  3. Stampin’ Up! Whisper White Card Stock 80#
  4. Bright White Shimmer Card available in UK (heat emboss image)
  5. another pearlescent (textured, heat emboss image)
  6. Papermill Super Smooth Bright White Card 300 gsm (140#)
  7. Daler Rowney Bristol Board* available in UK
  8. Bristol Board* #2
  9. Rey Printer Card Paper 160 gsm
  10. Xerox Colotech Paper 250 gsm
  11. Georgia-Pacific Copy & Print Paper 20# (standard printer paper)
  12. Neenah Solar White Super Smooth Crest 80#
  13. Curious Metallic Cryogen White Card Stock 89#
  14. Gina K. Pure Luxury Card Stock Pure White 120#
  15. Neenah Solar White Smooth Crest 80#
  16. X-Press It Blending Card Bright White 92#
  17. Make ‘it’ Colour Blending Card 250 gsm
  18. Georgia-Pacific White Card Stock 110#
  19. Stampin’ Up! Shimmery White Card Stock 80#
  20. Copic Papercrafting Stamping Paper – Natural White
  21. Bee Paper Company Heavyweight Marker Paper 110#
  22. Beckett Card Stock Radiance 80#
  23. Q-Connect White Wove 100g
  24. Hammermill Color Copy 80# Photo White

*Bristol board (also referred to as Bristol paper) is an uncoated, machine-finished paperboard. It is named after the city of Bristol in the southwest of England. It provides two working surfaces, front and back. This quality separates it from illustration board, which has only a front working surface.

Each brand was assigned a random letter to keep track of them during the testing. Testing will be done on an irregular bases but I you can find them under the tutorials label to each post so they’ll be easy to find. Here are also some quick links to the experiments:

  1. Ink Drop
  2. Basic Coloring
  3. Blending Out Colors
  4. Paper Attributes
  5. Blending Red
  6. Blending Added Depth
  7. Paper Purities
  8. Transparency
  9. UV Rays
  10. Paper Comparisons
  11. Marvy Le Plume Alcohol Markers

When all of the papers are tested together in the same experiment then after looking at the results I recommend the best papers. This recommendation is based on that test only so a specific paper may go in and out of favor. Below is sort of a chart that shows how many times each paper was recommended and is indicated by a triangle. Of course the more triangles listed the better the paper has performed overall.

On two of these tests I show that we can achieve amazing results by altering our techniques to fit the paper attributes. (See Experiments IV and X.)  Thus this rating of recommendation gives an overall indication of which papers are more durable and suited for a higher variety of techniques and skills.

I hope you’ve enjoyed The Paper Project and I will continue to update these posts as I get more information. Until then… happy coloring!!

(Last updated on August 11, 2013.)

13 thoughts on “The Paper Project – Introduction

  1. I applaud you for trying out all the different paper's. It will be very helpful for many crafters. I know it will help me in my crafting. Thank You!


  2. This is ace Barbara, so interesting and helpfull. Nice to see W up there, I thought it was good but needed an expert opinion, hope it passes the future test'sxVicky


  3. Thanks for all the information and I will refer to it often. I did take a Copic class locally here in Tucson AZ and one of the papers that she suggested was a Hammermill paper (the pack that has the frog on the front) I tried some of the other suggested by the instructor and think I like this one the best. I would love to send you some for your testing, I am very new to Copic coloring and learning all the time but mostly from Melissa Made she is amazing ThxDonnaNana Donna's Card Dreams


  4. I have book marked this page, wow you really tried a lot of paper, amazing I only know 3 on the list, I didn't realise there was so many, been hiding under a rock, thank you for taking the time to do this, hugs Pops x


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