Across the Bridge

All good things come to an end and so sadly this is my last post as a Little Darlings Design Team member. I had such a wonderful time that I decided to go all out and created this summer scene! I used several images to create this page in my journal:

I used two images from Love to Stamp, Little Darlings Croquet and Nice to Meet You. In the background I used Across the Bridge plus some chippies from Make it Crafty. The paper is Oliver from Basic Gray and the pearl brads are from Whiff of Joy.

I started coloring in the background then worked on the two kids – and if you can believe it, I picked my paper *after* I colored! I’m usually the other way around so this was a new adventure. However, because it was a scene with lots of natural colors, I figured I was pretty safe in doing so. ;D

Here’s a better view of the background before it started to blend into the background of the project. LOL One of the clouds I had colored in blue but then changed my mind and wanted to go with gray. At that point, everything else was colored so I printed out a second copy and paper pieced in a new cloud colored gray! Works every time!

This is the eight page in my project journal and I’m starting to think I need to make a statement with each page! Ha ha… I’ll save that for the next book. ;D For those who want to start your own book… I found this spiral bound journal with watercolor paper. The paper is thicker and provides a great base to start building on.

This was a fun summer time page and I like cool colors with a splash of yellow. It actually wasn’t planned that way but it turned out great – like a nice cool spring day. Hope you enjoyed this page and that you’re sufficiently inspired … for now! LOL

Wind Surfer

Today starts the 3rd challenge over at Little Darlings Challenges and this time the theme is to use “Buttons and Brads.” Now, don’t look too closely at my project because I totally messed this one up and used grommets, eyelets and dew drops instead – yikes! I had mixed up my challenges and did another “Summer” project which was the theme for Challenge #2. ;D

This is a second page in the scrap journal I have for this summer and my project uses Wind Surfer from Love to Stamp. I also had some postcard cut outs from K&Co (I think) which is where I got the beach tent and summer sentiment. I also used the Sunshine die from My Favorite Things – I love it in felt.

I’m going to have to start thinking about rebinding the journal because with four pages it’s already getting pretty bulky. However, I haven’t a clue where to start but I’ll keep going until something comes to mind. It’s been fun to flip through it and see each of the pages so I can’t wait to see it filled up! Hope you enjoyed the project! 😀

Catch a Falling Star

Is this song stuck in your head yet? All I had to do was look at the image and I’ve been singing “Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket, save it for a rainy day” all week! LOL The image is “Little Darlings: Catch a Falling Star” sold by Love to Stamp and was a fun image to work with.

I created another one-layer card with inspiration from Jen on the borders. I also colored this one with Prismacolor Pencils on Kraft cardstock and it’s getting easier for me. Now I just need to get familiar with the colors so I know what I’m mixing together.

Have a great weekend!

Go Girl Go

It’s another challenge day at Little Darlings Challenges and this time we want to see you use your favorite colors. One of my favorite colors is pink so I had to have some of that on my card. I found some left over girlie Basic Gray paper that was perfect for the occasion.

The stamp I used was Go Girl Go and she is part of the second release of images from Love to Stamp. These care free spirited images are so much fun to color and can really be used various ways – I love using them with backgrounds but they’re also perfect to use on their own! ;D

I embellished it with a few traditional items and even dug out a forgotten ticket to use as the sentiment. I also used a few lasercut chipboards from Make it Crafty which I’m going to start calling Chippies. ;D Hope you enjoy the card and get a chance to “Play” this week!

DT Challenge: Little Darlings Challenge #2 (favorite colors)
Main Stamp:
Go Girl Go (LTS)
Patterned Paper: Olivia (BG)
Chipboard: Flower Leaves Swirls and Butterfly Leaves (MiC) partially covered Petal Pink Liquid Pearls
Metal Die: Spellbinders Nestabilities Labels Ten

Copic Markers colored on Copy Paper:
-skin tone: E000, E00, E21
-blues: BG10, BG11, BG70
-greens: G24, G28
-pinks: R21, R22, R24
-grays: T0, T2, T4, T6, T8

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Just Swinging

Welcome back for another preview of the Little Darlings stamps from Love to Stamp! Today I’m feature “Just Swinging” and had a lot of fun coloring her up. ;D You can check out all week long the sneak peaks at the Love to Stamp Store Blog and get all the details on the prize too.

I must say I love all the images I got to work with this week and this one is no exception. I kept this one simple because the image says it all. She looks like she just jumped in for the biggest swing ever – so much fun and brings back some childhood memories too.

From childhood to parenthood – I just have to say it amazes me how much us “Moms” take on! Right now I’m juggling this post, creating another card, answering my correspondence AND putting the kids to bed. I wouldn’t necessarily call myself ADD but rather I think we get used to the shuffle of daily life to the point we work best while our attention is divided. (Opps, I just cut my ribbon an inch too short – maybe I should focus a little more! LOL)

So back to this card – I used some of my favorite papers lately as I love the colors I can pull out of it. I’m all about colors as it’s the main thing that inspires me the most. ;D Sometimes it doesn’t all work out for the best but at least it gets my creative juices flowing! I also got to use some new lasercut chipboard embellishments from Make it Crafty which worked perfectly with some large gems I’ve been saving. Hope you enjoyed it and come along to play in our challenges this week. ;D

DT Preview: Love to Stamp Little Darlings Release II
Main Stamp:
Just Swinging (LTS)
Patterned Paper: Stella & Rose Hattie (MME)
Chipboard: Filigree Jewels (MiC)
Metal Die: Spellbinders Nestabilities Labels Eleven

Copic Markers colored on Copy Paper:
-skin tone: E000, E00, E21, E13
-browns: E55, E57, E59
-yellows: YR23, YR21
-blues: BG72, BG78; C1, B0000
-pinks: R12, R22
-grays: N2, N4, N6, N8; 0, C1, C3

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[Slide Rule,]


Here’s my second preview for this week using a Little Darling stamp and one of my favorites from this release! You can check out all the previews this week at the Love to Stamp store blog. This one being showcased today is Jump …

I’ve pared this stamp with the background image from Make it Crafty called Hilly Lane. It took a lot of time to color all that grass but I like how it turned out! Here’s the background by itself…

Most of the card was colored so I didn’t go all out on embellishments but still included a few of my favorites. ;D The felt sun is a die cut from My Favorite Things and a I cut it to contour the horizon of the background. Then the corners are those fabulous laser cut embellishments from Make it Crafty that some how appear on all my cards. ;D I put a few drops of Liquid Pearls on them for fun.

Angie is giving away a grand prize to one lucky commenter this week so you can get your hands on a few of these new releases! Also don’t forget about the Little Darlings Challenge challenge where the rules were changed to include all images – the theme is all about summer

Lastly, the girl image was cut out and put on foam dots so she “jumps” off the background. Hope you enjoy the preview and that you liked my card. Happy Stamping this week!

DT Preview: Love to Stamp Little Darlings Release II
Main Stamp:
Jump (LTS)
Chipboard: Swirly Corners (MiC)

Copic Markers colored on Copy Paper:
-skin tone: E000, E00, E21, E13
-browns: E42, E43, E44, E47
-yellows: YR21, YR23, YR24, Y13
-greens: G20, YG91, YG93, YG95, YG97, YG99; G21, G24, G28
-blues: B0000, B00, B01; B91, B95, B99
-grays: W2, W4, W6, W3, W5, W8, W10

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