Tom’s Plea

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Sometimes sharing my supplies is difficult but I’m always thankful that my daughters want to stamp and color with me. I cringe each time they “discover” something new (solely because of the pocket book) but at the same time I’m thrilled they were able to watch me and learn something new! In the split second it takes me to decide, I usually buckle in and let them create freely… because in the end, I really am thankful! So check out their cards below and they’ll be reading any comments left personally for them.

I made my card using Tom’s Plea from High Hopes. The sign originally read “Go Vegan” but I removed it from the stamp so I could write anything. Each of our cards was entered into the 7 Kids College Fund Give Thanks challenge.

Cassandra used Harvest Mice from High Hopes and created this thank you card for her Nana and Poppy. She’s been spending all week with me recovering from tonsillectomy and even though she’s in a little pain it’s been fun having her stay home from school. She did all the coloring and assembly herself and only wanted help cutting out the image. She even used foam dots to “make it more beautiful!”

Lydia got to use Belles ‘n Whistles Rockin’ Around by Elisabeth Bell to make her thank you card. We’ve been spending more time at Grandma’s house helping out and the added bonus to playing in her craft room! She selected all the elements and put together the card all by herself (with help cutting out the image) and left the girl uncolored because “it makes her pretty.”

Challenge: 7 Kids College Fund – Challenge #8
Main Stamp: Tom’s Plea (High Hopes), Harvest Mice (High Hopes) and Rockin’ Around (BnW)
Patterned Paper: scraps
Copic Colors:
0, E08, E18, E18, E41, E42, E43, E44, E55, E57, E59, C1, C3, YR12, YR15, YR18, R22, R24, R29

Did you know? A tonsillectomy is a 3,000 year-old surgical procedure in which the tonsils are removed from either side of the throat. Sometimes the adenoids are removed at the same time, a procedure called adenoidectomy. Although tonsillectomy is being performed less frequently than in the 1950s, it remains one of the most common surgical procedures in children in the United States.

Gertie, Millie & Hattie

The challenge this week at Lollipop Crafts is to create a card or project with a rainbow. I made this card using Gertie, Millie & Hattie from High Hopes and added a rainbow made out of cardstock. A rainbow doesn’t have to include all the colors of the spectrum, as you can see, this one just includes the colors found on my card.

Challenge: Lollipop Crafts – Challenge #12
Main Stamp: Gertie, Millie & Hattie (High Hopes)
Patterned Paper: Delicate Dots (SU)
Copic Colors:
C1, YR12, YR20, G40, G82, G85, B91, B93, B95, Y32, Y35, E55, E57, R20, R22

Did you know? One type of metamorphosis in insects is called holometabolism, where the larvae differ markedly from the adults such as caterpillars to butterflies. While the insect has entered the inactive state (pupa, or chrysalis) it will excrete digestive juices to destroy much of the larva’s body, leaving a few cells intact. Then those remaining cells will begin the growth of the adult form using the nutrients from the broken down larva.