lalylala’s Beetles, Bugs and Butterflies

Here’s another butterfly I made from the book lalylala’s Beetles, Bugs and Butterflies: A Crochet Story of Tiny Creatures and Big Dreams. This one has also been claimed (even before I finished it) by a different minion in the house. So I decided she could help me pick out the rest of the colors for the body and hat. I’ve already resorted to my third one being dibbed but it’s nice to know that the kids are enjoying them. That’s what makes them fun to make, after all. Plus they can interchange the hats and wings if they decide to mix and match.

lalylala’s Beetles, Bugs and Butterflies

I’m making some butterflies from the book lalylala’s Beetles, Bugs and Butterflies: A Crochet Story of Tiny Creatures and Big Dreams. This is my first one and it was “claimed” as soon as I finished it. I think she had her eye on it the whole time but didn’t say anything until I put the tools down. LOL But I’m happy to pass it along to new owner and know this little bug will be getting some loves.

I love these patterns because of the mix-and-match value. As you can see the wings, hat and butterfly body can bet swapped with others which increases the play value. There are other bugs in the book too but for now I’m focusing on the butterflies.
I’ve already started the second one and have the wings finished. I’ll be creating a new body and hat for this one… because apparently, it’s now “claimed” by another someone in the house. And I know what that means – my third one will be dubbed as well so all my kids will have one to play with. That’s good with me because by time I get to the fourth, I’ll know exactly what I want to make for myself.

H441-288 Felted Lamb

This felting kit is by Hamanaka and it found it’s way into my Amazon cart easily enough. I don’t know the name but I think it’s Good Friend Sheep H441-288. I really liked the texture and and though this lamb was cute for a weekend project.

I first started by felting the basic shape – making sure the snout, legs and tail were especially the way I wanted them since they were not going to be covered again. The body I made looking fat as I really wanted it to look like it had a full coat of fluffy wool when I was finished adding the texture.
The texture is created by some sort of Bouclé Yarn (see Wikipedia definition) but I don’t know what materials it’s made out of. The closest thing I found on Amazon was this Acrylic Nylon Blend Cream White Boucle and it’s at a reasonable price. However, here’s an Alpaca Off White if you’re trying to stay true to wool. In my opinion, I think the first one would work but the one I have seems to be in between these two products.

Supplies Used:
Hamanaka Good Friend Sheep Felting Kit
Felting Needles

Strawberry Panda

I’ve been poking around this weekend and felted this Strawberry Panda. It was a kit I ordered from Amazon over a year ago so it was about time I got to it.

I started with the head and when I realized it wasn’t going to look exactly like the picture, then I allowed myself a few more alterations – the main one being that this panda sits and has a mushroom hat instead of a strawberry hat. I couldn’t understand why the strawberry had white seeds so I made the white spots larger and now it’s a mushroom. I also made the white seeds black on the strawberry bag. It was a fun little project.
Zoinks – I see some stray strands. I’ll probably poke on ’em a tad bit more or look for my scissors.

Hippo and Bunny

I found a few patterns from Amigurumi Today to crochet and picked up some yarn at my local yarn store West 7th Wool in Fort Worth. The first one is the Easter Bunny Amigurumi.

I don’t know what yarn this was – it was soft and a fun variegated color. I think it’s suppose to be for socks or a shawl? But not for amigurumi and not for me. It was too stretchy but I finished the bunny anyway. I have all this yarn left on the skein but I think I’ll be donating it to Goodwill.
For this next one, I switched yarns and started on the Hippo in Swimsuit pattern. The yarn is Anzula Squishy 25g and with that 10% Cashmere included it’s a dream to work with.
Hippo was the gray color yarn and Pesto is the color I used for the swimming suit. I also had some miscellaneous nuggets of black and teal that I added some stripe details.
Here’s the finished hippo. I changed the muzzle and worked in a round/oval instead of starting with a chain. My chains tend to be too loose and I didn’t want stuffing to show through. I also added the nostrils.