About Polka Dot Pals

I am the illustrator and creator of the Polka Dot Pals characters. They were first introduced in June 2013 and became my favorite style – because of their source of inspiration and because of the versatility they provided through coloring.

Each illustration begins with inspiration from my own kids and therefore each one has something special that connects them to my family. However, they’re all unique as they highlight a particular characteristic, specific memory or distinctive attribute. Because of this, they are all given different names – as I’m sure y’all can also associate your own fondness and relationships with them. To help with that task I use an international random name generator to find various monikers.

The style of Polka Dot Pals are children characters with large heads and blank expressions. They have blank faces except for two beady eyes and eyebrows – this is so that you can add different faces/miens or to enjoy coloring your own faces/miens. Think of it as a blank canvas for creativity and expression.

That’s also what I love about coloring the Polka Dot Pals – each time I can color them differently. I can decide to leave the faces blank, use an add-on face or even use “creative color placement” to color anything I can imagine.

Polka Dot Pals are now available at Whimsy Stamps:
Clear Stamp Sets
Digital Coloring Scenes

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Here are a few of my projects :

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