Mom + Me

I made some more matchboxes and was able to herd my other two daughters in the room to make them too. These are fun little projects and not as intimidating as a full size image for them to tackle. We used several Lawn Fawn sets including Upon A Star, Mom + Me, and Chameleon to make these.

The first session was in the trees – Lydia made the fox one and even put the background together using various sentiments and a brown pen to make it look like a wood wall. She did an awesome job! I colored the chameleon beside her and we created them together.
The next session was with Cassandra and we made the night sky together. We masked the stars and then colored the background blue. It was funny that we saturated the cardstock so much that the ink bled in through the back. So when we rubbed off the masking fluid we soon realized we would have to use the white pen anyway.

Here are the supplies that we used:

Ranger Stickles Glitter Glue – Frosted Lace

Lawn Fawn stamps:
Upon A Star
Mom + Me

Copic Markers:
BG32, 34, B45, 97, 39
G40, 82
E09, YR14, 18, 27
R81, C1, 3
Y00, 21, 35
E21, 23, 25
G40, 82, YG21, 61, R01
YG21, 17, 63, G82, BG11, 23, 07

Three Stars Matchboxes

I’ve been collecting a match boxes and specifically like to look for vintage or unique ones at antique stores or flea markets. There are not very many but occasionally I’ll spot one for a good price. I even found a small vintage pill box that I’m excited to use one day. I would like to create small scenes in them like a world of their own but I’m afraid I’d ruin them in the process. So I decided to buy some to practice with and spotted this interesting brand on Amazon: Swedish Three Stars Safety Matches.

In these boxes are just paper scenes but that’s a good place to start. My first one was the snail with mushrooms. I used die cuts from Whimsy Stamps and the snail is from Polka Dot Pals Imogen set. The other two use stamps from Mama Elephant called Bookworm. My daughter gave me a box of colored pencils so we sat down and colored together – she did the cat one and I did the dog. Other supplies were used as well and are all listed below.

Here are the supplies used:

(top: dog and worm)
Swedish Three Stars Safety Matches
Paper Mill Curious Metallic Cryogen White Cardstock
Mama Elephant Bookworm clear set
Cra-Z-art Colored Pencils, 72 Count

(middle: cat)
Swedish Three Stars Safety Matches
Paper Mill Curious Metallic Cryogen White Cardstock
Mama Elephant Bookworm clear set
Cra-Z-art Colored Pencils, 72 Count
MT Washi Masking Tape – Books

(bottom: snail)
Swedish Three Stars Safety Matches
Hammermill Premium Color Copy 100lb
Copic Sketch Markers
Polka Dot Pals Imogen clear set (snail)
No-See All Season Tree die set (mushrooms and grass)
Ranger Stickles Glitter Glue – Diamond

Tin Games

There’s a new release at Little Miss Muffet Stamps today and among them you’ll find a few new games too.  These were designed to fit in an Altoid’s tin but they can be printed much larger too.  The one featured in the tin is Gummyland which is similar to the Candyland kid’s game.  Players advance down the trail to get the hot air balloon. 

The tin games can be loose inside the tin or they can be glued to the outside or the lid of a tin.  This next game is Slides and Ladders.  It’s plain to see this was inspired by the Chutes and Ladders kid’s game.  However, instead of it based on good/bad behavior, this elephants are just having fun. 

This last game is Little Houses.  It’s sort of a combination of Sorry and Trouble.  Players start in the field and move around the board to get home.  But watch out . . . you could be trading places with your opponent which might set you back farther.  

Pocket Tin Doll Set

I’m joining the pocket tin craze and have come up with this small doll set kit. The size of the tin is approx. 4″ x 2.5″ and under an inch thick . . . the size of an Altoids mint tin.

Toys used are a combination of what we had around the house including Squinkies, XiaXia Pets Hermit Crab items and some older Fisher Price dolls.

The blanket and pillow was made with the help of my Mom… the quilt is actually quilted! (Not pieced together, as that’s just a printed fabric, but quilted with the machine including the batting in the middle. Oh yeah, I went out of my way on that one.). The edges are just double quilted then I used pinking scissors to create a decorative edge.

I made three tins and let the kids make the toy selection. The doll (and extras) fit snugly in bed when closed.  The quilt was a bit over-sized and needs some finesse for presentation but since the tin still closes without resistance, I decided not to make alterations.

Creating the windows took most of the effort. Papers and dies/punches were used to create the scene and beads were used to add color to the flowers. Making the curtains was a complicated process that included fabric glue and coordination – definitely not something I’m making a tutorial on.

If you are looking for the same style curtains but a lot simpler, check out this adorable idea that uses ribbon . . . My Froggy Princess A Home for the Squinkies.