More party balloons

Here’s more party balloons and these ones have faces on them – so cute! I wanted to make a bright and cheery card using the Party Animal Balloons stamp set which also has a coordinating Party Animal Balloons Outline die set. I started out with a basic background and added some texture with the cheese … Continue reading More party balloons

The rainbow is at the end

This is the fifth and final day of my boho journey using the new boho products from the mini release this week. At first I had no clue what boho was or how to design in it so I dived right into an exploration. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading the journey with me and that … Continue reading The rainbow is at the end

Understanding finally arrived

This is day four of my boho journey and I think I’m finally getting the hang of it. Further searching for what boho really is, I found someone that simply defined it as aspects that “embrace the natural and are handmade.” Basically I needed to have elements of nature such as flowers, feathers, water, leaves, … Continue reading Understanding finally arrived

Expanding and merging

It’s day three of my boho art process and building from yesterday, I learned that I was mainly looking at abstract bohemian art which is just one aspect of boho. Looking more into the definition, I read that boho art is “defined by a lack of structure, opting instead for carefree layers of pattern, texture, … Continue reading Expanding and merging

That’s not what I thought

This is day two of my boho journey and today I looked up the definition and learned more about it. Oxford said it was “socially unconventional in a way regarded as characteristic of creative artists” but I have no idea how that converts to art. In fact, I’m more confused now that I started. The … Continue reading That’s not what I thought

What is Boho?

Well if you ask me, I have no idea how to define Boho let alone design cards in that style so this was a real stretch for me. Searching for “boho art” online, I would guess it meant large bold shapes, muted colors that are close on the color wheel, some line sketches and a … Continue reading What is Boho?

Is this Lake Michigan?

I had the the opportunity to drive around Lake Michigan this summer (in fact, I’m still on that same vacation but just a little closer to home). We mainly drove on the east side and tried to take as many lighthouse tours as we could and playing along the beach. Even though the water was … Continue reading Is this Lake Michigan?

S’mores anyone?

Get the firewood and break out the s’mores – we’re going to tell campfire stories! I love camping images and couldn’t resist using this one drawn up by Krista Heij-Barber. Her images are adorable – this one included. 😀 For the background, I was able to use the Farmhouse 6×6 paper pack which makes me … Continue reading S’mores anyone?


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