Everything is awesome when you’re part of the team. He he he Here’s another Polka Dot Pals Fern project and this one was colored on Bright Creations alcohol Ink Art Paper. I thought I was getting a lot of choices to use with my markers but turns out that there are alcohol ink paper that … Continue reading Awesome


It’s an awesome day to have a good day! This little gal is sitting out in the front yard with her sweet little ducky friend daydreaming together. This is Polka Dot Pals Fern and I colored this one Bee Paper Artist Marker paper. This was also one that I colored Live on Facebook so I … Continue reading Cheerfully


I don’t have anything today from the new releases but you can head on over to Whimsy Stamps to see all the goodies. Today, instead, I have a project using Polka Dot Pals Fern which was colored on Neenah Desert Storm paper. I love this look of coloring on a craft-type paper but still being … Continue reading Endearment

A spooky door

You’re in the graveyard and you spot a quiet area in the corner. It’s dark but you feel at peace because of the cool night air and hooting owls. In the corner, you find steps that lead down to a Dungeon Door. You’re curious so you walk down and touch it – it’s ice cold … Continue reading A spooky door

Loved and hated

Here’s another Polka Dot Pals Fern that I colored in a Live Facebook video. For this gal, I used US Art Supply Manga/Marker paper and had a very difficult time blending and coloring on it. The ink stays on the surface, gets dry and then tacky which means there really wasn’t a lot of blending … Continue reading Loved and hated

The Great Pumpkin Patch

Looking for another adorable bunny from the Hoppy Floppy Bunnies Seasonal clear set? I found one hiding in the Great Pumpkin Patch! This was such a fun card to put together and I was able to use the new Wild Weeds die set to help build out the pumpkin patch and make it look like … Continue reading The Great Pumpkin Patch

Warm winter snuggles

Let’s skip autumn for a moment and check out the Hoppy Floppy Bunnies Seasonal stamp set for winter. This cute bunny is a combination of the winter bunny in that set along with the jingle bow added on the hat. This is one of my favorite bunnies and I love how she is looking over … Continue reading Warm winter snuggles

Do you have a trick or treats?

Today I’m using the bunny in the pumpkin from Hoppy Floppy Bunnies Seasonal and decided I was going to add the pumpkin face and candy for a sweet Halloween scene. There are so many fun ways to color bunnies! This is an English Spot coloration which I’ve never seen in person. I didn’t know they … Continue reading Do you have a trick or treats?


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