Oops! Sorry from Whimsy Stamps

I’m so sorry! Sometimes that happens beyond my control but I feel terrible that I caused that. Would you forgive me? Hopefully this card says all of that. I’ve used the accessory stamp from the “Tin Games – Oops! Sorry” set from Whimsy Stamps. Newly released! Then I combined it with a bucket load of … Continue reading Oops! Sorry from Whimsy Stamps

Tin Games – Oops! Sorry

Did you see the tin I bought and was looking for an idea? Here’s what I came up with. I used the new “Tin Games – Oops! Sorry” set from Whimsy Stamps and made a celebration and game all in one. Once the confetti is gone and the party blowers are past annoyance, the game … Continue reading Tin Games – Oops! Sorry

Ups & Downs Elephant

I know the 4th of July has passed but this is a card inspired from the 4th of July and so I’m finally able to share it during this release time. This is using one of the elephants from the Tin Games – Ups & Downs from Whimsy Stamps. I’m traveling at the moment so … Continue reading Ups & Downs Elephant

Ups & Downs Elephants

Here’s one of the card I made using the Tin Games – Ups & Downs from Whimsy Stamps. I love these little elephants and these two can be used for so many different themes. Here I was using them as a friendly hello card. I’ve been wanting to color some Baobab trees for a while … Continue reading Ups & Downs Elephants

Ups & Downs Tin Games

Life is full of ups and downs but this little tin game adds some a bit of fun to it. Introducing the Tin Games – Ups & Downs from Whimsy Stamps. This little game is based off the classic children’s game of Chutes and Ladders – land on a ladder and you can climb forward … Continue reading Ups & Downs Tin Games


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