Watercolor Pokemon

Here’s the latest in my water coloring journey and clueless mentor to small pliable minds… this time the subject was Pokémon. But to be honest, I have no clue which ones unless it was one of the traditional classic starters. So in this case unknown with Bulbasaur sitting enjoy the night sky.

Polka Dot Pals Syeda

Welcome back! Today I want to share another card I created using the Neenah Desert Sand paper with Copic Markers. This one uses the character and face from Polka Dot Pals Syeda with the fence element from Polka Dot Pals Fern. Using a non-white color for the paper options is ideal for snowy backgrounds and … Continue reading Polka Dot Pals Syeda

Edward's Crochet Imaginarium

I’ve really enjoyed the Edward’s Crochet Imaginarium book by Kerry Lord because of the flip pages but also because it’s so versatile. With the experience under my belt, I’m able to modify the patterns to fit my needs while keeping the basic body shape. The kids love it because they can create monsters without even … Continue reading Edward's Crochet Imaginarium

Polka Dot Pals Khadija

This is a new release at Whimsy Stamps for this month and she is named Polka Dot Pals Khadija. I added the face that was included and used the wings and fireflies together to create this little scene. In addition to using those elements from the set, I added pointy ears through creative color placement … Continue reading Polka Dot Pals Khadija

Watercolor Practice

I really have no clue on how to watercolor property but I’m studying and watching lots and lots of videos. It seems easy when I watch someone else do it but I haven’t found the right combination for me to make it work the way I want. Especially the wet on wet techniques where I … Continue reading Watercolor Practice

Polka Dot Pals Fern

This was so cool! In the past, I’ve enjoyed coloring with my Prismacolor pencils on kraft paper but I came across a card by Sandy Allnock that achieved the same thing except with Copic markers. What? How was that done? Turns out, Neenah comes out with a Desert Sand color that works the same way … Continue reading Polka Dot Pals Fern

Polka Dot Pals Imogen and Mason Jar

Here’s another version of Polka Dot Pals Imogen clear clear stamped inside the Mason Jar rubber stamp, both available at Whimsy Stamps. This time I went with pink fairy dust in the snow globe and also added some extra features. Can you spot them without me pointing them out?

More Danielle Donaldson Creative Watercolor

I’ve continued to work through the book The Art of Creative Watercolor by Danielle Donaldson. Here are some more creations from her book that I’ve mimicked using different papers and different watercolor mediums.

Polka Dot Pals Khadija

I hope this gal isn’t getting too much attention but after doing the Polka Dot Pals faces tutorial, I decided she actually needed to be colored and create my first card in over a year. So without further ado, this is my card using Polka Dot Pals Khadija… But wait! There’s more! How about another … Continue reading Polka Dot Pals Khadija