The Paper Project – Experiment IX

I have another paper project experiment and even though there are a few samples missing, I thought I would posted what I had and update it later if I got the chance.  So without further adieu, here’s experiment number nine!

Experiment IX – UV Rays

The purpose of this experiment is to see what happens to the paper and Copic markers once they are exposed to UV Rays (aka “the sun”) after long periods of time.

To setup this experiment, I placed each sample square down and used a purple, black and red Copic marker to draw three horizontal lines.  I then scanned this as the starting point so I could visualize the change after it was finished.  Then for a week, I set out the paper in the morning and took it in by night.  Ah, yes, it did rain one and I forgot to bring it in another night so the sprinkler got it, but perhaps it added to the test.  LOL  Anyway, it was a good week of full sun light and the results were interesting.

The papers are identified in the Introduction and here are the results:
(Click on the picture for a zoomed look.)

As you can see there are differences but let me go into the details of what I noticed.  First on the right side is the original and then on the left is pasted the end results.   What I had expected was that the black would fade the most and found it most interesting that it was the purple that was the most effected.  Also, I was expecting that all papers would fade to some degree, however, they all seemed to behave about the same.  The papers became a little more dry and brittle but basically kept their qualities.

Unfortunately, this test was completed without samples of U, V and X so it is missing from this test.

The biggest change was in the colors and I’ve categorized them into two groups – “ok” and “not so ok”.  The not so ok group includes B, C, D, E, F, G, J, L, M, N, P, Q, R and S.

For what it’s worth, the papers that I would recommend, if you’re so included to put something outside, would be AH, I, K, O, T and W.

One thought on “The Paper Project – Experiment IX

  1. Interesting experiment, I agree with you that you would think that the black would have faded the most. Thanks for doing all the experiments, I can send you more X if you want I am sorry I did not send you enough in the beginning


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