Here’s our second watercolor project that I did with my kids using the Let’s Make Art Peacock kit. I loved the colors and feathers and really wanted to be able to accomplish this. However, I think it might have been too much to tackle as a team but at least we got it done.

Amelia decided a more abstract version of the feathers would be needed and got out her watercolor markers to finish her masterpiece.
Lydia took her time to follow the instructions and had it almost perfect up to the last step then it got a little more watery than she wanted. Still looks cool though.
I think Cassandra was just interested in getting this one out of way but she did a great job following all the steps to complete hers.
Here’s my peacock – let’s just say it was good first attempt and I still have a lot to learn to master watercolors…. especially patience! LOL

Floral Truck

Here are a few projects that I’ve been working on with my daughters as we learn how to watercolor together. These are kits from Let’s Make Art and we selected the Floral Truck to start with and shared the ink between us. There was still plenty left if we wanted to do it again.

This one was by Amelia and her interpretation of the project.
Painted by Lydia – she went with a more conservative truck load of flowers and made her truck more colorful.
This was done by Cassandra who wanted a a non-sentimental tag number and one type of flower.
Lastly this one is mine. Light blue and aqua colored old pick-up trucks remind me of my grandfather so this was a must have project for me. I added lost of rust to match the one he had. His had so much rust that there were holes in the wheel wells. Oh I loved that ruck.

Inspired by Danielle Donaldson

The Art of Creative Watercolor by Danielle Donaldson is a book I’ve been working through and have enjoyed her whimsical style. Here are some more of her “Littles” and also followed up by one that I created on my own.

These were some of my favorite characters in the book. I did all the pencil work up front because I had a hard #2 pencil only at the time and it didn’t work to go back in after the watercolor was applied.
Here they are colored in rainbow order. I used Karin watercolor markers on Strathmore Hot Press Premium 140# paper. With these markers and the details, I’m finding I am enjoying the hot press paper more than cold press.
This last one was done from my imagination using the inspiration I had picked up from the book. It was colored on Arteza cold press 140# paper. The background was done with Winsor & Newton half pan travel watercolors and the characters and foliage was colored with Korin brush markers. I wasn’t able to control the color and water as easily on this paper but was able to play with some cold press techniques of mixing colors. The cat and mermaid tails were done in the metallic Korin brush markers.

Watercolor Pokemon

Here’s the latest in my water coloring journey and clueless mentor to small pliable minds… this time the subject was Pokémon. But to be honest, I have no clue which ones unless it was one of the traditional classic starters. So in this case unknown with Bulbasaur sitting enjoy the night sky.

Mine is on the left and hers is on the right. I think she did an amazing job! We used Grumbacher Academy watercolor tubes on Strathmore cold press 140# paper.
Here’s another one we did together using Grumbacher Academy watercolor tubes. Mine is above and I used Strathmore cold press 140# paper and she used Strathmore hot press paper. The umbrella girl was inspired from another artist in color choices. The last part of the panel I gave up on because I was having a hard time with the white part of the waves. I’ll have to practice that another time.

Watercolor Practice

I really have no clue on how to watercolor property but I’m studying and watching lots and lots of videos. It seems easy when I watch someone else do it but I haven’t found the right combination for me to make it work the way I want. Especially the wet on wet techniques where I see the colors spread it amazing details. Ah, but alas, at least someone in my house thinks I’m a pro and has asked me to teach her.

Top and right are ones that she made and I think she’s picking it very nicely! I did the one on the left from a tutorial from either YouTube or Artist’s Network TV. I thought I had it bookmarked so I’m sorry I lost that. We used the Winsor and Newton half pan travel set on the scenes and she used Grumbacher Academy watercolor tubes.
This next one was on Craft Perfect by Tonic Studios Watercolor Card cold press paper with a Winsor and Newton half pan travel set. Top is mine and bottom is hers.
Here’s one I did using Strathmore cold press paper and the W&N travel set. I was specifically trying to get that wet on wet color spread and mixing on the paper. Same with the one below.

More Danielle Donaldson Creative Watercolor

I’ve continued to work through the book The Art of Creative Watercolor by Danielle Donaldson. Here are some more creations from her book that I’ve mimicked using different papers and different watercolor mediums.

More done on the Fluid Hot Press 140# paper, left with Arteza Brush Markers, middle with Winsor & Newton 1/2 pan set and right with Karin Brush Markers.
This last one was using Strathmore Mixed Media 184# paper and Winsor & Newton half pans travel set.

Pink Ostrich and Colorless Flamingo

Still trying to figure out my watercolor vibes but this time I’ve upgraded to Arches hot press paper that Jennifer shared with me. I immediately noticed a huge difference and was a lot more relaxed when using it. I’ll have to put some of that stuff on my wish list!!

This was colored with Karin watercolor brush markers using a pallet tray and watercolor brush. It was inspired by some photos I took at the zoo except for this ostrich I decided to give him a big ol’ Adam’s apple. “Gulp! Why am I pink?”
His companion was also inspired by my zoo visit and I decided to color this flamingo in ostrich colors. I gave it a little character in the eyes and can image her saying “Well what, how’d that happen?!”
Not everything turns out and this is just an example of some of my frustrations as I figure this watercolor thing out. This is on cold press paper and three different mediums. Not one of my favorites but it’s part of my stepping stone process to learning more.

Dragon Pull My Finger

I wanted to show some of my past watercolor attempts which were from a few weeks ago. This one features Dragon Pull My Finger rubber stamp from Whimsy Stamps. I love the images by Dustin Pike and his dragons are so easy to color…even if it is with watercolors.

Colored with Karin Brushmarker Pro watercolors on Craft Perfect cold press 300gsm paper.

I would say I had some difficulty with the watercolors, paper, brush or something. As you can see on the hand and the lamp, I tried to blend too much on the paper and scrubbed the paper away. Overall, it was somewhat frustrating and I wanted it to be more defined. So I pulled out the colored pencils and did some touch up work.

Touch up with Polychromos colored pencils and a white gel pen.

I like this result much better and felt that I salvaged the image. I can still see where the blue brush marker was used to color the sky in the background so I’ve been watching out for that to avoid. In the before and after, I can definitely see a difference on the eyes, tummy and lamp.

Watercolor Failures of a Winter Scene

I had seen a gorgeous loose watercolor painting of a winter scene with aspen trees and was very inspired by it. I thought, that should be easy. Right?! Well, not so much for me with watercolors at the moment. I sketched out the image and tried a wet on wet technique. Then I didn’t let it dry long enough and proceed to add some details – and well, you can see how that went.

This was done with Karin Brushmarker Pro watercolor markers on Craft Perfect Watercolor Card 300 gsm cold press.

In hindsight, I can see areas where there was something good going on so it’s not all that bad. I did slightly learn from it so that’s a plus. I’ll have to revisit something like this in the future and see how much I’ve progressed. It’ll be a doozy of a before and after, I’m sure.

Bob the Cow

This is Bob. Say Hi to bob. He like salty things and standing in the sun. I like Bob. I actually met Bob on the farm while visiting a friend. However, believe me that Bob in real life was a lot more interesting, albeit not as colorful.

For this image, I sketched out my image lightly with pencil then continued to experiment using the Karin Brushmarker Pro watercolor markers. I mainly created a pool of ink then used a watercolor brush to the paper. The white highlights were a combination of a gel pen and white gesso.