The Paper Project – Experiment VIII

I have another post for The Paper Project!  It was an idea I got from iCopic where they had done a similar test and so I wanted to duplicate it with the papers I had on hand for my own tests.

Experiment VIII – Transparency

The purpose of this experiment is to show how transparent the ink is on the paper and if the transparency lightens when more ink is applied.  To do this, I made four bars on the paper each with a different number of strokes that were applied; the more strokes the darker the ink would show until the paper’s saturation level was reached.  The paper was allowed to dry in between each stroke for the greatest effect.

Here’s the breakdown of “The E.”  The top bar is only one stroke, the middle bar has two strokes and the bottom bar has three strokes.  By this time, almost all the papers were completely saturated and were not getting any darker, so I made one final bar vertically on the side using four strokes so it would be easier to compare the other three.

The papers are identified in the Introduction and here are the results:
(Click on the picture for a zoomed look.)

Unfortunately, I have run out of samples of U so it is missing from this test.

There doesn’t seem to be much different in all those “E” letters but knowing if your color will change transparency the more you apply helps with your coloring.  For example, if you want just a hint more of a shadow, a second application of the same color will darken the gradation a little to give you the shadow.  Another example is if you want to touch up an area you will know if you can work in that little spot or if you have to go over the entire area with the color to keep the blending smooth.

Most of the papers became darker after each stroke, however, with my (untrained) eye, I would say that A, C and D stopped having the most effect after the second stroke.  Then ENR, W and X stopped changing after the third stroke.  Which leaves the remaining subject which changed gradation after the fourth stroke.

It’s hard to say which paper is best based off this test, however, I would think that the more stroked the paper could handle then the more ink the paper could hold; and a higher capacity for ink in the paper is usually more helpful when blending several colors.  Therefore, based on this test alone I would recommend B, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, O, P, Q, S and T to be my selection of papers.

This project was sponsored by The Greeting Farm who has generously donated a Creepin Kit!  Check out what I made with the packaging by clicking HERE and stay tuned for more samples using this awesome stamp set.  Thank you Jessica and Maria – *HUGS*

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