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This and email is probably the most reliable method to get in contact with me and I love to hear from you. Feedback of what helps, what you like and suggestions for coloring tips help fuel my creativity. Comments on blog posts are always appreciated too and are both inspiring and like receiving a warm hug. 😉

You’ll often find me at my crafting table instead of on the computer. However, that means I might be hard to get ahold of. I’m not on social media much even though I do post my projects to several locations. (psst, sometimes they’re added through bot services – so that means, even though I have a presence, I may not be actively commenting and mingling.)

My blog here is my home base. Here you will find the most details for any of the projects and it includes the most photos as well. Sometimes I miss a detail here or there and I welcome questions and comments if you find something curious or want to know more about it. Drop me a line!

PO Box 79413
Fort Worth, TX 76179

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