The Paper Project – Experiment XI

It seems that there are an increasing number of alcohol marker choices on the market which gives us crafters a great selection when coloring.  This makes me wondered if all alcohol markers are created equal, however, that question will have to be answered another time and another experiment!  But another question to ask, which is easier for me to answer, is how to the papers handle a different type of marker?

Experiment XI – Marvy Le Plume Alcohol Markers

The purpose of this experiment was to use the same paper swatches that I tested the Copic markers on, except this time, use the Marvy Le Plume Alcohol Markers.  I wasn’t concerned with the differences in the markers, so my focus was on how well the different paper could handle intense blending techniques.  My secondary purpose was to determine which papers I would recommend for this brand of marker, which means most samples were colored three or four times for maximum blending testing.

For this test I used the hat accessory stamp in Taylor from Little Miss Muffet Stamps.

These are the main Le Plume colors used:
P782, P785, P786, P797, PV78 and AG877.

The papers are identified in the Introduction and here are the results:

(Click on the picture for a zoomed look.)

And the results?  It was interesting to discover there were a few papers I would have recommended for Copic markers but they didn’t stand up to the Marvy Le Plume markers very well.  For example, papers  GI,  P and Q scored high on the other tests but with this test showed bleeding; and T also did well on previous tests but on this one the colors wouldn’t blend.  Below is a close up of those swatches along with J, one that did well:

As you’ve probably already guessed from the example above, J is one of the papers I would recommend.  I was looking for a paper that I could build up many layers of colors and blend easily from one color to the next, going from a dark gray to a light pink, using six different markers.  It was also important that the paper would accept a lot of ink without bleeding.

Based on this test alone, I would recommend HJ, L, M, and U as being the best papers to color on with the Marvy Le Plume markers.  As secondary choices, if you had them on hand or if they were readily available, would be OV and Z.  (Z is the unlabeled paper swatch, Bazzil Basics Ultra Smooth.)

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