Cheeky Cherry Pie

I am so excited to be on the farm as a guest this month and want to send out a huge thank you to Rosemary and Marie at The Greeting Farm!  I’ve been meaning to get out my TGF collection of rubber stamps for a while and have actually had a few on the side of my desk calling out to me.  So I am super excited to actually ink them up and add some color.  Oh yeah!

This is Cheeky Cherry Pie from The Greeting Farm and I thought she would be a perfect November project with her yummy baked pie.  I wanted a harvest theme so I chose papers from We R Memory Keeper that had a good color autumn theme.  However, I didn’t want everything to be browns and yellows so I added some green for a splash of color. And what color of hair goes best with green?  Well, red hair of course! 

I cut one of the paper sheets down for the frame she is in.  That took a little finesse but I think it was worth the outcome.  Then I stamped and colored the Knife and Fork stamp (from Magnolia) for her to sit on.  The leaf embellishments were fun to created too – I used a leaf punch and colored them with Copic markers to match.  I punched them in the same paper I used to color Cheeky Cherry Pie so the coloring blinded well.

Tilda Big Balloon

Remember when?  That could be a loaded question!  LOL  I colored this Tilda last year at the Texas Colouring Retreat when my friend Zoe came into town.  We challenged everyone to a coloring contest and to see who could color an image in less than 10 minutes.  Now that may seam like ample time but it isn’t… that clock counts down faster than a prairie fire with a tail wind!

I worked on Tilda Big Balloon, which was one of the prizes at the retreat from Tilda Edwin Magnolia, and thought it was small enough that I could finish.  Zoe also colored one and we had a sub challenge to see who could color with the most definition.  I even colored Tilda with a traditional face.  Gasp!  We might have limited our colors to a certain number too but it’s been a while that I no longer remember.  Anyway in the end, we pretty much tied!  Afterwards I added face details then tangled on the balloon with a white gel pen.

For some embellishments on the card, I added some Make it Crafty chipboard dragonflies and painted them with Liquid Pearls.  Hope you like this and thanks for dropping by!

Ribbon Tilda

I’m giving this another go and wanted to enter the Totally Tilda challenge this week which is to add wings.  I decided I’d be a little creative when it mentioned “or you could have a go at stamping them, or simply drawing them in.”  Sounds like this is a job for “Creative Color Placement!”  For my base image, I used Ribbon Tilda (aka Ribbon with Heartstrings).  I colored it with Prismacolor Pencils and drew in the wings behind Tilda.  Then started coloring the rest, giving her red skin and a few extra features.

Here’s the original Magnolia stamp, Ribbon Tilda from the Sweet Christmas Dreams 2011 release. 

I colored in horns with piercings, more hair, ears and a face, wings (of course), and a tail.  I started with a crocodile face but with the wings she turned into more of a gargoyle or Hell Boy (er… Hell Girl) so I completed the ensemble with the tail and red skin.

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Tilda Twins

The challenge at Totally Tilda this week is to add wings and I decided to go for a black and white simple card.  The wings I added were from a metal die in the background and also a butterfly gem next to the flower.  I’m not sure if adding wings to the card was the challenge or if I needed to add wings to Tilda herself.  Anyway, I’ve entered it in the challenge as one to share.

Mentionable Products:
Twin Tilda – Magnolia
(sentiments) – Stampin Up
Birds on a Wire metal die – Little Miss Muffet Stamps

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Hopping Tilda

It’s warming up outside and I’m getting ready for some spring gardening!  I was tempted to do it last week but I thought I’d wait a little bit longer just to make sure a surprise freeze doesn’t kill the plants.  Anyway, I thought this would be a great card to share… it’s using Daffodil Del from Make it Crafty (and one of the rubber stamps that I’ve selected to stock in the Little Miss Muffet Stamps store too!)

The other image is Hopping Tilda (or Jumping Tilda?) from Magnolia.  You may not recognize it as a Magnolia stamp but with some ECP (Extreme Color Placement) on the face, I’ve been able to add a little more character and tried to go for a joyful expression.  Here’s a side-by-side of the stamp and the colored version:

I like using the Daffodil Del stamp because the flowers are on the side which make it perfect to place an image in the center.  It’s one of those background stamps that go so well together that it looks like one large scene stamp. Here are some close up and also a closer view of the dress (also colored with ECP).

Thanks for dropping by and I hope you’re having a great week!

Tennis Edwin

Where did I put it?? You ever have those days where you can’t even find your shoes?  I know I printed out some papers – I can even remember what I printed along with it – but for the life of me, I can’t find them!  Ugh!  Well, I know I’m not the only one and I’m sure they’ll turn up sometime… but finding them today would be handy.  LOL  Anyway, let me get on with the show and publish another project to share… this one is a Magnolia.

For this project, I combined three images and took a little inspiration from my last few project.  I don’t know if you remember the one I did with Dancing Party Tilda?  I did this one about the same time and used the following Magnolia stamps. 

Tennis Edwin
Tilda’s Brunte Horse
Welcome to a Lovely Home

I thought Tennis Edwin would look ok sitting on Tilda’s Brunte Horse but the legs still looks like Tennis Edwin legs and not sitting-on-horse legs.  I’m now wondering if Tilda with Peonytails might work better?  Maybe that will be something I’ll try for next time.  It was interesting, however, to do a face for Edwin as I didn’t realize how much I relied on adding eyelashes!  So when I couldn’t add them, it made it for a more difficult time to come up with something I liked.

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Dancing Party Tilda

Yeah!  I’m so excited and wanted to share the news that I passed my courses this last semester!!  I thought for sure one of them was no good and I’d have to take it over again, but I was taken by surprise on the very last day – and oh what a surprise it was too!  It’s lifted me up out of my funk and I’m looking forward to what this summer has in store for me.  😀  And somehow all that reminds me of this project that I’m sharing with you today – I suppose it’s because Tilda is tossing up her arms and looks like she’s celebrating too!

Have you ever wondered what a clothed female centaur would look like?  I image something like this.  After all, they don’t all have to be naked.  I understand this project might not be for the week of heart but I love how it turned out.  This is a Magnolia project and these are the stamps (below) I used to create it using the same techniques as my last project (click HERE).  The rest of the card was kept simple and embellishment free.

Dancing Party Tilda
Tilda’s Brunte Horse
Spring Fence

To create the scene, Tilda’s Brunte Horse was inked up half way and stamped on the page and masked.  Then the Spring Fence with the daffodils was stamped behind it.  Dancing Party Tilda was stamped on a separate sheet of paper and then cut out so she could be popped on the project with foam dots.  Of course, I colored her before transferring her over.

I used a new set of greens to color her dress and now I wish I had written down the colors.  I know many of them were YG colors with some brighter yellows and I’m going to try it again sometime because I think the combination is stunning.  The background was colored with E40 through E44, first with a blend from dark to light then adding splotches.

Thanks for coming by today and I hope you have a great weekend planned!  I have some work all day Saturday then plan take a quiet rest on Sunday if possible.  ;D

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Inky Chicks Challenge #5 – Use Magnolia Stamps
Fashionista Challenge #16 – Use Magnolia Stamps

Tilda with Cross Stitched Heart

Brace yourself… I’ve created a Magnolia scene and colored it full scale!  You’re probably not surprised on what I’ve added through coloring but I’m sure you’ll be shocked at what I didn’t color… the face!  LOL  Now I can finally “officially” join the Magnolia fan club … but it’s short lived since this is probably the only project that will count towards that “membership.”  He he he.

Anyway, before I start describing the project, I am excited to say this project has been approved 100% by Magnolia!  It’s true… I’ve been in communication with Ginny and she said the techniques I used on their images here are acceptable and approved.  (Mon, May 20, 2013 at 1:00 AM CDT)  So in other words, the possibilities to my creativity are endless.

I’ve used several images on this one and they’re all form Magnolia too!  There were five stamps that were masked and/or cut out to create this scene, including: Tilda with Cross Stitched Heart, I Love You (I’ve left off the “You” portion), Lovely Balloons (only one of them), Tilda and Her Bunny (just the bunny was used), and finally Tilda’s Tin Boxes. 

The main Tilda image is a Christmas themed stamp but I wanted to show that it could be used for other seasons too and I picked a Valentine’s Day theme.  This works perfect with Tilda’s Tin Boxes and I accentuated the theme with bright pinks, reds and purples.  The tin with the hearts shows each of the various colors.  As an after thought I wish I had added more browns or at least swapped the colors for the red tin and brown one.  But overall, the image colors still work.

Here’s the first surprise… I kept track of the colors I used!!!  Gasp!  I know… but here they are broken down into the groups used, listed left to right from the darkest to the lightest…

V17, V15, V12, V01
V99, V95, V93, V91
R39, R37, R17, R22, R12
R59, R56, R83, R81
RV29, RV14, RV32, RV10
RV69, RV66, RV63
E29, E25, E23, E21
C7, C5, C3, C1
E79, E77, E74, E71, E70
E23, E53, E21, E00, E000
Y23, YR23, YR07
BV25, BV23
BG99, BG96, BG93, BG90

The second most shocker, well for me at least, is that I colored a standard face on Tilda!  It was hard… I mean really hard to restrain myself.  In face, over the weekend it took me three tries to keep it simple but I finally managed to do it on this one.  LOL  And yes, that means I have two more Magnolia projects to show off!  I’m not going to tell you what I did … but suffice it to say, Magnolia lovers are sure to LUV this project and non-Mangolia lovers will LUV the others.  (Oops, I might have said too much!)

I experimented a lot on this project and if you haven’t noticed the subtle differences by now, I thought I’d divulge the hidden treasures. There are several things that I think would be considered “out of the norm” with various difficulty levels.  Here they are, in the order of creation…

(1) Masked multiple images together
(2) Omitted portions of the stamp when inking (x2)
(3) Cut the image up and only used a portion of it
(4) Added a Valentine picture to the balloon
(5) Changed the Santa Stocking to a Beanie Hat
(6) Converted the sweater into two shirts (a short sleeved over a long sleeved)
(7) Added a large stripe to the shirt
(8) Created a hole in Tilda’s shoe
(9) Gave the bunny patches of color
(10) Drew bunny whiskers with a black pen

Here you can see the big hole that I put in Tilda’s shoe.  I get a good chuckle out it because it looks like a bullet hole blasted out from the inside.  LOL  Next time I’ll make sure the inside is the same color as the socks and also try to have the toe showing a big.  ;D  Finally, the last thing I did was add the green background to help counteract all those pinks and purples.

I hope you like it and thanks for dropping by today!

I’d like to enter this into the following challenges:
(Not necessarily for the prizes but just to share the project.)

Magnolia-licious Challenge – Weather (It’s storming outside and the power is out?)
Dutch Magnolia Lovers Challenge – Song (“Can I get there by candlelight” by David McWilliams)
Lovely hAnglar or Sweet Magnolia Challenge #69 – Picture Inspired (yummy desserts)
Magnolia Down Under Challenge #197 – Lace & Flowers (Lace on the tin, flowers on paper?)
Tilda’s Town Challenge #53 – Background Stamps

Update: I was the chosen winner in the Dutch Magnolia Lovers Challenge!

Update: I was in the Top 3 in the Lovely hAnglar or Sweet Magnolia Challenge!

Update: I was in the Top 5 in the Magnolia Down Under Challenge!

Tilda with Anchor

I had a little time to play around this week… well, actually, I rebelled and skipped out on my homework!  LOL  But that aside, I had fun with this project and it took me the whole night too.  Of course, I might have been able to get it done faster if I hadn’t stopped to clean the craft room or just to turn off the TV would hae helped.  But it was rewarding!

My project was inspired by Chris who does amazing work with her scenes and I’m always in awe how they turn out.  Plus she was the first one that I spotted who used a regular and mini Magnolia image on the same project!  So I took inspiration from two of her cards which you can see HERE and HERE.

The images I used on this project were all rubber stamps and I masked areas to create the scene.  the characters are Tilda with Anchor and Ahoy Tilda from the 2012 Summer Memories collection, Magnolia Stamps.  (I think!)  The background and sentiment stamps are from Make ti Crafty and include the Palm Trees and Just Wanted to Say.  The rest of the scene was filled by me.

I experimented a little with the face and ended up coloring her four different times!  The main problem was my paper was giving out and wasn’t able to blend after a while.  This was Nenah paper and though it did fine with everything else on the page, the layers on the face was just a little beyond it capability.  I already knew this so why I didn’t think ahead before choosing my paper is unbeknownst to me.  (You can click HERE on what I’ve discovered about the papers I have.)  Anyway, I finally gave up and went a different route… Wobbles!

 I discovered these fun gizmos just recently and lucky for me the shipment arrived just the day before – so you know what that means!  It was on my desk just staring at me begging to be used!  LOL  I decided to take the surprised Tilda face and give it some ‘action.’  These Wobble springs are sticky on both sides with a plastic spring between the two layers.  Once it’s attached to your project, you can spring it and the image will shake/rotate back and forth.  Here’s a picture of the actual springing… so as you can imagine how much fun this might be! 

The clouds were used as part of the tutorial that I posted earlier this week.  So if you’re interested in how to make these clouds you can click HERE for some ideas.

Thanks for dropping by today and I hope you’re having a great weekend!   Ciao, a presto!

Sitting Tilda with Candy

I’m not sure if I’m ready to share this project but here goes anyway!  And some of you might want to close you’re eyes for this one.  He he he  I think this image is Sitting Tilda with Candy from Magnolia which I think was part of the So Jolly Under the Mistletoe Christmas 2009 Collection.  However, those are no longer candy canes in her pocket and she is no longer the Tilda you might recognize either!

Perhaps we can now rename her to Sitting Goth Tilda with Worms!  The inspiration for this one was actually initiated over a year ago with Anneth’s awesome creations.  She had posted a Goth Tilda and a Wolverine Tilda that really sparked my interest.   I have already posted my attempt at Wolverine but this one has sat on my desk unfinished since that time and I figured it was about time to just finish it.  So I colored the clothes and set her up on a card. 

The main reason she was sitting on my desk for over a year was because I wasn’t happy with how the face turned out… just not Gothic enough and the features are a little out of proportion for what I was aiming for.  However, I thought it would be good to post my successes along with my failures.

On the card I used a ribbon chipboard embellishment from Make it Crafty and colored it with Prismacolored pencils.  I started out with all one color but changed my mind half way through – luckily enough I was able to build upon the colors and cover up the first layer.  Coloring them with colored pencils has been fun so when I have the time you’ll see that more often.

I thought the skin tone was interesting and I might play with that a little more.  I think my Mom has a couple Tilda images that I haven’t seen yet – maybe one of those will be next on my coloring list.  😀  Thanks for coming by and I hope she didn’t freak you out too much.  LOL