Welcome to Hollywood Day 3

Welcome back to the final and third day of the Make it Crafty and Simply B Stamps Hollywood release!  Today is the big day and we have a fantastic game for you to play!!  Your mission, should you chose to accept it, is to guess what movies are being represented on our projects!  Are you ready?

You should have arrived here from the fantastic DEBBIE!

Did you guess my movie yet? He he he, ok, I have a couple clues for you but before I get to that, just a few details about my card.  The images I used are Little Usher Miller and At the Movies Jude from Simply B Stamps which are combined with At the Movie Theatre from Make it Crafty (which I merged a couple times for a grander audience).  The box of popcorn on the bottom right is a snipet from the At the Movie Theatre image but the little bits of popcorn I had snuck in from Agent Popcorn Aiming from Little Miss Muffet Stamps – they were perfect for scattering all over the floor for a more authentic theatre experience!

Now for some clues!  These clues are elements that I incorporated into my card design which represent the move and not necessarily depicts a scene from the movie.  Oh, and it one of my favorite types of movies too.  😀  Ready?

(1) the colors, (2) the age group, (3) the door and 
(4) the saying “Kids these days. They just don’t get scared like they used to.”

I have a confession that I’m a movie nut – not necessarily a movie buff (nope, don’t have the memory for that) so just someone who watches almost anything.  I practically watch a movie every night while doing the computer stuff and because of it sometimes I take me ages just to do one thing.  Just like today!  LOL

As you might have noticed, I used my new diecut door today – the Park Glen Door Die-cut from Little Miss Muffet Stamps!  It comes with two sheets of mesh if you want to make a screen door but I went for a simple open door.  Then used most of the hardware elements that are part of the die with a gem for the handle – then rigged it up to open.  It was a perfect element to represent one of my clues! 

Your next stop on the hop is the wonderful TRACY J!!
Finally the last stop in the hop is over at Make it Crafty where you can enter your guesses!

36 thoughts on “Welcome to Hollywood Day 3

  1. That is such a cool door die!!!! Love the colors, your fab coloring & the composition is wonderful with Usher Miller! So 3D! Awesome job, Barbara & thanks for sharing!!!


  2. Love, love, LOVE this!!! I adore that green hue, and the fact that you made the audience bigger! Great little elements too, including your sentiment. You rock every single thing that you make!


  3. Love how you coloured the movie theatre, Barbara, it looks realistically dark. Your clues seems really good but I am hopeless at guessing films so I am none the wiser, lol. CoB


  4. Barbara, love your card and I know what the film is…..hehehe, love it too. Your door is fabulous and love the little keyhole and knob you created are cool.Hugs Tracy x


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