MiC Alice in Wonderland Release

It’s time for the Make it Crafty to pour a round of drinks at the super special tea party celebrations! Not only are we celebrating the magical release of Alice in Wonderland, but Make it Crafty has turned 3! All thanks to YOU, the incredible artists and the amazing Make it Crafty team!

Let’s dance around from chair to chair, sipping a drink, eating a cake, shrinking then growing with excitement as you watch the entertainment unfold before your eyes. Be careful not to miss the hidden words as you’ll need to collect them along the way and string them all together to form a quote. Simply enter the quote at the end of the hop for a chance to win!

Hopefully you’ve found your way from TRUDIE
but if you’ve just skipped a chair or two you might want to start back at Zoe’s Blog.  
For my project I’ve used three of the newest images and composed a page in my art journal.  It’s been a while since I added a page in there and these kinds of releases are perfect for that.  😀  The images I used are Alice, Hidden Hole and the Chesire Cat.  Many of the embellishments are from Zoe herself (thank you!) and my favorite by far are the gumnut thingies on the lower left side.  I only had three and wish I hadn’t used them up so quickly since those are they’re surprisingly a rarity here in Texas.  Zoe… you need to send me more!  LOL
Now for the best part of this post… a small tutorial on coloring the tree.  Now, mind you, this isn’t a tutorial on “how to color,” rather it a breakdown of how each color is applied.  (For a small giggle regarding tutorials, click HERE and see “How to Draw The Tick.”)
For the tree, I used much the same technique as coloring hair.  The colors I used are Copic E57, E55, E41, E44 and E47 and each panel shows how that color was applied.  I started with a mid-tone brown and worked my way up to the lightest color. Then to add more depth, I went back to a mid-tone brown and finally a dark brown for the darkest areas.
There are many different ways to color this tree especially when you get down to the knotty parts.  I wasn’t sure what to do with them myself until the fourth color!  I thought if a tree like this is going to have a large hole into Wonderland, then a small concave area would be fitting.  You can also fill the area around with all grass or all wood… it’s quiet the versatile little tree.  
The fun doesn’t stop here and if you head over to JENN’s blog
she’ll be sure to treat you with even more fabulous inspiration!

82 thoughts on “MiC Alice in Wonderland Release

  1. Hi Barbara, how have you been doing? I was thinking about you the other day and how you are getting on with your studies. Love your card, and a great tutorial on colouring trees! Thanks for sharing. Hugs Frea


  2. Wow Barbara. I just loved your card and the tree was the standout for me. Then I read on and amazingly… a tutorial showing how you coloured the tree! Thankyou so much for the inspiration and the tutorial!


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