Pink Ostrich and Colorless Flamingo

Still trying to figure out my watercolor vibes but this time I’ve upgraded to Arches hot press paper that Jennifer shared with me. I immediately noticed a huge difference and was a lot more relaxed when using it. I’ll have to put some of that stuff on my wish list!!

This was colored with Karin watercolor brush markers using a pallet tray and watercolor brush. It was inspired by some photos I took at the zoo except for this ostrich I decided to give him a big ol’ Adam’s apple. “Gulp! Why am I pink?”
His companion was also inspired by my zoo visit and I decided to color this flamingo in ostrich colors. I gave it a little character in the eyes and can image her saying “Well what, how’d that happen?!”
Not everything turns out and this is just an example of some of my frustrations as I figure this watercolor thing out. This is on cold press paper and three different mediums. Not one of my favorites but it’s part of my stepping stone process to learning more.

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