Polka Dot Pals Imogen

I can’t believe it’s February already but that’s good because I get to introduce two more Polka Dot Pals that are being released at Whimsy Stamps. That’s two more sets to mix and match! For my project, I’ve used Polka Dot Pals Imogen and combined it with the Mason Jar and the fireflies from Polka Dot Pals Khadija.

I colored the face and added in my own details. Once the girl was finished I colored in the grass mound and added some grass strands. Then I colored the jar, trying to keep in mind that some white would show as a reflection of the jar. At this point, because I stamped in a light color, the fireflies were difficult for me to see but I got the essence of their shapes and colored them in anyway.

The white is important when coloring a jar but it’s also difficult to remember to keep in there. One trick that helps me is to go back in with white as a very last step. It would be better to do it with a paint but all I had at the time was a white gel pen so I used that and also added some details on the clothes and more highlights on the letters.

Here’s a closer details of the face that I colored in. This was the first time I added such details to a side looking face so I was still trying to figure it out. I might possibility have to create a side looking stamp for a future character. Yes?

Mason Jar Rubber Stamp

Colored with Copic Markers

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