SS Deck the Halls

It’s been a busy season around here as I’m sure it has been for you too!  However, I’ve noticed that with all my running around and helping here and there, that I really haven’t had a lot of music playing in the background.  The odd thing is, I’ve had a constant jingle of Christmas music in my head!  Practically everything I’ve listened to growing up, at school, in the car, at functions and parities and even in the super markets – those songs are played over and over and over again to the point that this year, I don’t even need the radio. LOL  Maybe I should find something new to listen to… you know, to mix things up a bit.  But enough of that, here’s a project I made coloring up one the new Swings ‘n Slides Christmas images this year…

This image is Swings ‘n Slides Deck the Halls from Little Miss Muffet Stamps and I thoroughly enjoyed coloring her up!  I can’t say much for my card as I don’t like the paper nor the layout, but the coloring part was fun.  And check out that red dress… it almost looks velvety!  I might have to experiment with that some more. 

Hope you’ve enjoyed this little bit of inspiration and have a wonderful day!
P.S.  Now I’ve started signing Deck the Halls in my head too.  LOL

4 thoughts on “SS Deck the Halls

  1. She's adorable Barbara. The trim on her hat and dress are all fluffy with texture. If you had an MiC tree by her you could enter it in this months texture contest. You're right, her dress looks like velvet, lovely.


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