Cheeks and Nose Tutorial

I should be doing a million other things at the moment but I finished the tutorial I was working on and couldn’t resist sharing the step by steps and colors!  I have the full image colored and can’t wait to get it on a card so I can share that as well but in the mean time, I hope this proves to be handy.

The image I used is Polka Dot Pals Leilani from Little Miss Muffets Stamps.  It has a typical dot-for-eyes face and I’ve colored it in using Copic markers.  The colors are listed on the image for each step and shows how to shape and form the cheeks and nose area.  I also have another tutorial for the face that you can see HERE; it uses a different image and different skin colors.

They say pictures are worth a thousand words so I’m not going into detail on each step.  However, with that said, just leave a comment if you have questions on a particular step and I’ll respond with more details.  😀  Thanks for dropping by and have a great Wednesday!

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