Desert Oasis & Tap Dancing

As you know there is a new challenge this month on the Make it Colourful blog and I wanted to share my projects that I made using the images I colored.  I had the opportunity to take my Prismacolor Pencils with me on a weekend excursion.  I normally don’t use the pencils very often since they’re more difficult for me to work with than the markers.  Sometimes I like my results and sometimes I don’t.  But as long as I keep trying then that’s my main goal.  🙂

For my first project I aimed for the basic challenge and wanted to use my reds and greens.  I focused on the redish hair, red dress and greenery in the background.   I think my favorite part is the face where I thought the colors blended in nicely.  The rest is just “meh” because there is too much white showing through the pencils and as a result, I think I gave up half way through.  However, with the image on the card it doesn’t look so bad and I think will still bring a smile to someone regardless.

The second project was just because I had time left over and I wanted to make up for the first one.  Unfortunately, I feel the same about it so my efforts to cheer me up didn’t work.  Ah well… that’ll all go away when I pick up my markers again.  LOL  

For this card, I attempted to add texture in the background.  I had envisioned a background that would look like a blurry city scape in the dark, maybe on a bridge with the blue sky and stars – something we’d see in the movies.  I’ll let you take a look at the result and decided how well I did.  LOL

All in all, sometimes ya win and sometimes ya don’t.  LOL   Hopefully these samples will still provided you with some inspiration and good luck with your projects this month in the Make it Colourful challenges!  Cheers
Make it Crafty Images:
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6 thoughts on “Desert Oasis & Tap Dancing

  1. You may or not remember I love Zoe's images and adore the tap dancers so much I have just purchased them….you have done an amazing awesome job on your cards and I have to really give the pencils a go as i have so many but really they do not compare with copics…especially using Zoe's colouring guide books….cheers, aNNie


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