Phoebe and Ginger

It’s time for another challenge at Make it Colourful and get ready for a fun one!  Zoe has create a two level (actually three level for this month!) challenge and there is even a $15.00 gift voucher both categories – plus with the new close up portrait images, this challenge is hard to resist!  LOL

This image is Phoebe and I used the closed cropped version that comes with the combo.  I colored her using neutral tones then added all the colors in her eyes with browns, blues and greens.  This one is for the harder challenge.

The reflection in the eye is suppose to be a farm silhouette scene but many of the details, such as the horse, turned out to be bushes/trees instead.  LOL  Then I wanted to add a lot of blue in the “sky” portion so I could add reflections from the eye lashes too.

This second project is for the easier challenge to add basic reflections in the eyes.  The image I used is Ginger…  – what?  Did I get something stuck in my teeth?!  LOL  I know, I’m terrible, but what else could she possibly be pointing at?!  I’ve been hanging around my kiddos too long – there just starting to realize the humor in the subtitles and this is probably something I would do to them.  He he he

Anyway, the basic challenge doesn’t have to be just a dot so I kicked it up a little notch.  Bam!  I added the reflection you’d see if you were in my kitchen – the large rectangular light plus a light above the kitchen sink and another light in the hallway would show too.  It’s not a “perfect” reflection of what you’d see but it’s a rough guesstimate and it was fun to experiment with.  😀

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