Fancy Sunbonnet Miss Muffet

It’s Thursday, it’s Thursday!  Oh my, we have a new challenge at Little Miss Muffet Stamps to introduce!  I’m super excited for many reasons but one of those was because I was just about to head to bed without a second though.  Then at last minute, my eye bulged open and my heart started pumping as I remember it was my turn to write the post too!  Gasp!  Well, I’m awake now!  LOL

The challenge this round is to create something inspired by a Nursery Rhyme!  I couldn’t think of any better rhyme to use than “Little Miss Muffet Sat on a Tuffet” and I had the perfect stamp to go with it!  It was like the rhyme, stamp and company are three peas in a pod!  LOL  So, what image is it exactly?  Glad you asked!  Featured on this project is “Fancy Sunbonnet Miss Muffet” and “Birds on a Wire Metal Die” from Little Miss Muffet Stamps.  And the Sunbonnet image was drawn by the talented Jodie at Bugaboo.  Squeal – I just love these images!

Another thing I like about nursery rhymes is to learn about their history and what their possible meanings are about.  I’m sure this is acquired learning since it was never something I was really interested in until I had kids.  Then it was like a light bulb went off and I just had to know what was behind it all before I pass along the tradition to the next generation.  For example, did you know this poem first appeared in print in 1805?  I always thought it was older than that… but 1805, IS a long time ago!

I hope you get a chance to head on over to the LMMS Blog to check out everyone else’s fabulous creations!  They’ve done an excellent job and I’m always so proud of what they create!  😀


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