Red Nose Roo

It’s so exciting that today is the last day of the year – such an epic milestone for the year!  And ironically enough, I hope to spend it doing absolutely nothing!  LOL  Well, not nothing, but nothing for posterity sake and spend the day playing games and in the hobby room.  ;D  That sounds like a good day to me!!

The image on this card is Red Nose Roo from Make it Crafty.  I had used a black pen to add the hash marks for the shadowing then just this last week I went back in and added the color with Prismacolor Pencils.  I couldn’t use the Copic markers as it would smear the black but the pencils worked great.  However, instead of coloring the whole image I decided to color just the festive portions.  😀

This image was one from my UFO (unfinished objects) stack so it’s nice to feel a sense of accomplishment.  I’m slowly making progress on that stack and all of my projects in the in next couple of days will be from that.  Thanks for stopping by and hope you have a wonderful New Year’s Eve!!

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