Elf Delivery System

Is anyone a Hobbit fan?  I just had the opportunity to watch the three hour epic tail and was both impressed and disappointment but it will still go on the shelf next to The Lord of the Rings!  It’s interesting to see the story come to life after reading it but I’ve resolved to read the books again including the Lost Tales and the Silmarillion if possible!  Last time that book put me to sleep so we’ll see if I make it more than half way through.  He he he

This image is Elf Delivery System from Make it Crafty which was part of the Cheeky Elves Collection.  I love this image and a Skadoosh sound effect every time I see it – you know the “skadoosh” from Kung Fu Panda?  Yea, that one!  LOL

That’s my car and hopefully it will find it’s way to a nice homenext holiday season.  But for now, I’m off to start another movie and get caught up with my emails.  Ciao!

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