Party Banner

Wow, I must say I am exhausted!  Why you might ask?  I just finished up with a 50 hour school project that came to a completion this evening and I can’t express how happy I am that it’s over!  It was so bad as far a stress was concerned but it sure will be nice to have those hours freed up.  LOL  Just in time for the holidays too … and I have a couple days before I head out of town for a well deserved break.  But don’t worry, I hope to have some specials planned out while I’m away!

This is a project I made over at my Mom’s house the other day and it was fun to spend a little time with her.  I wanted something quick so I decided to use the Hatter Hats and Hatter Hat Stands to make a card.  Then decided it would be perfect to use the new Party Banner from Little Miss Muffet Stamps too and that’s how it all came together.  So simple and I love how it turned out.

The top most banner was added with foam dimensions as well as the hat on the left side.  Then the Hatter Hat Stand was stamped directly on the decorative paper.  Simple and fast – a perfect combination!  LOL

Thanks so much for everyone’s comments regarding my daughter’s eyes – very helpful!  Turns out I’ve been getting Hazel and Amber colors mixed up all along and I didn’t even know it.  😀  So yes, looks like her eyes ARE hazel and like most of you said they change depending on the day and lighting … as you can see.  I’ll have to try writing down “Gorgeous” the next time I’m asked but at least now I have an appropriate backup.  LOL

12 thoughts on “Party Banner

  1. Really like this card. How fun to do it at your moms house, I take it she works with paper with you? I wish my mom did. She lives right next door (my parents are 82 and they require some help around the house and such), but my mom does not and has never liked to do paper crafting. We used to do beading together because that's what she likes, but her hands are now too shakey and her eyesight too poor to continue. I digress, love your work and thanks for the freebies you so generously share with us.


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