Angelica in Flight and Praying

This is a back-dated post for the Make it Crafty Store Blog and a few fun tips to share.  As the Holiday season is fast approaching I wanted to share a few images I had colored (ahem… last year) but thought this was a great time to get them posted.   For these two angel images, I had wanted various methods for using white … or in other words… leaving spaces uncolored.  Now that’s always a hard concept for me since I tend to get heavy handed with my coloring and go wild all over the page!  You might be laughing but it’s true!

This first image s Angelica in Flight.  On her wings, I knew I wanted them white with a lot of shadowing so they’re actually actually much darker than you might expect white to be.  However, I had wondered if I kept the highlights void and left them white, then would it still turn out?  However, the true test is… what do you think? I liked how it turned out and will certainly try it again.  😀  On the second angle’s wings you’ll see I left even more white.

The other technique I tried on this image was to use white as the highlight in her hair.  As usual I became over zealous with my coloring and almost forgot to leave any white!!  But if you look close there are a couple spots so that still count, right?  LOL  With hair is should be much easier to use the flicking/feathering technique and just remember to keep the strokes short.

This angel is called Angelica Praying and is available in the Christmas Angels Collection.  On her dress I wanted to give it a gold look so knew I would have to use white as the lightest spots.  This would be even harder for me because unlike the hair, I’ll try to get blending as seamless as possible and often end up darkening my highlights the second or third time smoothing out the colors.  This little section below shows the best area and you can clearly see the white areas.

Thanks for sticking with me and I hope this gives you some ideas on how white from the paper can be useful in many different techniques.  It’s something I’m still working on myself so we’ll be learning and improving together.  😀

Make it Crafty – Christmas Angel Collection (Angelica Praying and Angelica in Flight)
Colored with Copic Markers on Printer Paper

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