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Welcome back and thank you to everyone who participated in the last NEWS freebie!  I’ve already seen some colored Nellie the Elephants and I’m so excited to see more too – she turned out adorable on your projects.  😀   So let’s get on to some more freebies, goodies and giveaways….

How about some Blog Candy this time around?   I have to admit that I’m a collector and hardly use all the older stuff that collects in the back corner of my desk – so in an effort to help clean up the hobby room, I have collected a whole bunch of goodies and added them to the pot.  Everything is odds ‘n ends (especially the paper being half used, or more) but one person’s forgettables is another person’s treasures!!

Here’s the regular details and how to participate in this blog candy.  As a huge thank you to my Followers, I’m going to regularly post freebies, blog candies and give-aways right here on this blog!!  I don’t know exactly when the next NEWS will be posted so your time limit will be variable and between posts.  For example, on this offer here, you will have until I randomly post the next offer.  So what do you have to do to take advantage of these offers??  All you have to do is …

Note: This offer has expired.  
You can click HERE to see the most recent News.
1. Be a Follower of this blog 
2. Leave a comment below

If you would like to post the NEWS Badge on your sidebar then that is optional, however, it is a great tool to be notified of the next freebie.  Sounds impossible?  Na, it’s simple and similar to the way I do the Little Miss Muffet NEWS Badge which has worked great!  (P.S. There’s freebie opportunities over there too so be sure to add that badge while you’re at it.)  Here is the code and details on this badge…

ForgottenScraps News
NOTE: This is important … make sure you use the code above when grabbing the blinkie as it’s the only way it will be will update automatically. Once it’s on your blog, the blinkie will change when I post another offer and you’ll get to see the latest news right from your sidebar!  It’s a great way to get alerted whenever there is another freebie, blog candy or giveaway posted!!  😀

For freebies, I’ll email out the image in a couple days and it will be in a PNG format.  For blog candies and give-aways, winners will be randomly selected and announced in the next NEWS post.  Then you can send me your mailing address and I’ll ship out your goodies as soon as possible.

I think that about sums it up and thank you for stopping by!  *Hugs

78 thoughts on “NEWS – Blog Candy

  1. I was already follower but hadn't made a comment on this post. I'm not going to win any of your forgotten scraps if I don't comment, am I! Thanks for the chance to win this candy. Although I have a heap of forgotten scraps myself, I suspect if I won this, I would use it before the lot I already have!


  2. Only just stumbled across your blog and became a follower before i had seen this wonderful yummy candy, and im so glad i did. im going to have to have the hubby on hand to make the coffees for me while i sit and have a nosey through it now and then hopefully if i was to win then of course im sure he'd be 'happy'to do it again whilst i play, what a wonderful addition to my slow growing stash this would be.Thanks for the opportunity xNx


  3. Hi Barbara! Wow – that's some sweet candy! Thank you so much for the chance to win such a generous and yummy stash! I'm already a Follower, but have added your News Badge to my Blog too (fab idea having an updating badge!) Thanks and good luck everyone!Hugs, Shannah xox


  4. I was out looking for a site with digi stamps on it and came across yours! I notice that a couple of my blog friends are already here so I decided to become a follower – if you think I am too new to be in for a chance to win the Candy I won't be at all offended if you discount me. However I would like to thank you for putting this gorgeous amount of 'stash' out here for someone to win. We are all sooo guilty of having bits and pieces in forgotten corners. lol.Hugs to you Sue Pxxx


  5. I found your blog through another blog and i am now a happy follower! I cannot wait to see some of your creations and thank you so very much for the chance to win this amazing prize pack! 🙂


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