Ups & Downs Tin Games

Life is full of ups and downs but this little tin game adds some a bit of fun to it. Introducing the Tin Games – Ups & Downs from Whimsy Stamps. This little game is based off the classic children’s game of Chutes and Ladders – land on a ladder and you can climb forward or land on a slide and you’ll fall backwards. All you need is a small tin (you know, like the Altoids mints), a small die and two playing pieces. But the game is not all this set is fun for! You’ll see other projects this week with this same set – they’re adorable!

To create this card, I used the Tin Games – Ups & Downs and colored the game for the inside of the tin. Then I also used the same set to decorate the outside using the sitting elephant. I colored the background with simple greens and blues to create the scene. Then I used the Bold ABC dies and AlFaDoodles Alphabet stamps to create the sentiment PLAY. Lastly, I mimicked the doodles for around the scene to complete the look.

List of Common Supplies

Whimsy Stamps:
Tin Games – Ups & Downs
AlFaDoodles Alphabet
Bold ABC

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