Gumnut Flower Girl

I had so much fun with my last Australian themed project that after I finished hopping I had to do another! This one take several of my favorite elements from all my hopping buddies and combines them all into one! If you missed the hop, just click HERE to start at the beginning for some fabulous Make it Crafty inspiration!

For this project I used several images from Make it Crafty including the adorable Gumnut Flower Girl! I was suppose to be coloring something else but she distracted me too much and I put my obligations aside and had a little fun. LOL The other images I also used are… Australian Outback Elements (for the road, horizon and shrubss), Outback Objects Elements (for the water tower, tree and Ayers rock), Platypus & Platypup, Kangaroo & Joey, and the Gumnut Elements. (However, if you have to have them all, like I did, then check out the Australian Outback Collection which has it all!)

The gumnut corner was directly inspired by Debbie from her blog hop project and I couldn’t think of a better way to color it so before I hopped to the next stop, I paused to color mine exactly the same way. 😀 I also colored a Kookaburra from Debbie‘s example, but decided to put it on another project. If you don’t want to merge your own corner of gumnuts and leaves then check out the premade Gumnet Small Corner.

This is the Gumnut Flower Girl and it was Ruby that inspired me to color her because of the way she shaded the skin, specifically the knees. I hadn’t done that before, so again, I stopped hopping for a moment and tried to copy hers. I decided to give her a pink skirt instead because it reminded me of the gumnut flowers – plus I haven’t colored with this tone of pink in a long time. I think I used RV00, RV11, RV14, RV19, RV29, RV34 and a little RV69.

The Kangaroo & Joey was colored using the store samples for inspiration, which Debbie also colored. She got the texture of the fur spot on and I wanted to see if I could do the same. I first started dotting on the darker colors but half way into the middle tones I started blending in circles. It was really done by accident becuase the dotting was looking terrible and I thought if anything, blending might help me recover. Little did I know… it’s eactly what I wanted!

The Platypus & Platypup was done the same way too (also inspired by Debbie) but they so small on the project that the texture didn’t work out as well. Seeing that I was helped by my two little misses on creating this project… I had to include two animals! Because of course, they wouldn’t agree on the same one. 😀

To me, nothing say Australian more than the Ayers Rock. I alway love how it looms in the background and the rich sandstone colors make for some lovely pictures! Finally, I scattered the journal page with Mix ‘n Match Centres and Mini Dragonflies chippies. It was a fun project to put together and I enjoyed merging all the Australian elements together. ;D

If you haven’t made it over to Zoe‘s blog yet, make sure you do so quickly! She has a huge blog candy offering that you don’t want to miss out on and it ends on January 31st!! She has not one, but THREE different lots in celebration of the Australian release. Good luck!

8 thoughts on “Gumnut Flower Girl

  1. Barbara…Your back..AND doing just another splendid job. Love your write up. so cute. This turned out sooooo good. I love it it. This collection is just too cute…..Thanks for sharing……..


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