Teen Scene Valentines

I have another Simply B Project to show you this weekend, this one features all the Teen Scene Valentines! I lined up all six of them and created a scene, which of course, was too big for a card so I created a journal page. Check it out…

The images I used are, from left to right, My Heart a Flutter Christian, Big Love Gun Lola, A Heart for You Rio, My Funky Valentine Betty, Box of Chocolates London and Kitty Love London. Each of them was so much fun to color but I think my favorite is Lola. ;D We’ve all got to have a favorite right?!

This also gave me the perfect opportunity to try out coloring more grass. I used about seven or eight different greens and yellows going from light colors to dark until the whole area was filled in. Then I went back in with a dark red and dark purple and added some flowers. Oh, I also added some yellow flowers at the top then went in with the white gel pen and lightened it up. Hope you enjoyed the project and Happy early Valentines. ;D

8 thoughts on “Teen Scene Valentines

  1. you must be joking!!!!!this is stunning, Barbara, I loooooooooooooove it! I have two of these stamps, I was so lucky to win them and couldn't make time to use them, they are so gorgeous!hugs, Alina


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