Joyful Tilda

I had a little fun the other day and actually selected an image from my forgotten collection of stamps.  Ooooh, it felt good thumbing through all those image and it was hard to choose!  But I settled on this cute Magnolia image from the Christmas Story collection which was also perfect for a Valentine theme.  Check it out…

Did you notice anything different by chance??  LOL  I’m sure you did!  This is Joyful Tilda from Magnolia and I’ve shading in a face with details using my Copic markers.  I’ve colored others with faces (just click on the Magnolia tag and you’ll seen them) however, I think this one is my favorite by far! 

I stamped the image in brown so it was easy to use her existing eyes as the color of her new eyes.  Plus I think I like how the brown stamping turned out so I’ll certainly be using it more and more.  As long as I’m not using black to color parts of the image with then the brown blends in more giving the image a softer look. 

My colors were inspired by the zipper I bought over the weekend and I had to come home straight away and use it on a card!  I even used my sewing maching to stitch it down and add more elements to it.  Too bad most of it is colored up but it stll counts as being used.  ;D  Now I just need to find my missing needle (the one the kids got to) so I can use my sewing maching again.  LOL

But wait, there’s more!!  For those who are joined in the Magnolia-religion, I also have a “pure” Maggie to share.  😀  This is Tilda with Peony Tails that my daughter colored up.  I think she did this card back when I was doing the Backyardigans Magnolia set.  Shhh… just don’t tell her it took this long to post it.  (o.o)

Thanks for coming by today and whether or not your a Magnolia purist or not, hopefully there was something here today to spark your creativity.  ;D  Have a great week!

Ice Skate Rio & Rock N Roll Rio

Simply B Stamps has another release this week and the design team has been busy making lots of inspiration for you eyes.  😀  There are eight new images in the Miss Rio Collection and I’ve made cards using Ice Skate Rio and Rock N Roll Rio for the holidays.  Well, actually, the Rock n Roll Rio is for a birthday using the same paper pack but the birthday girl won’t know that.  LOL!  Check them out…

Ice Skate Rio from Simply B Stamps and
Park and Pond from Magnolia Alota Rubber Stamps

Rock ‘n Roll Rio from Simply B Stamps

Stay tuned for another look at the Miss Rio Collection when I’ll be back this evening with two more holiday cards.  Also don’t forget to head on over to the SBS Blog to see all the other projects using this fun images.  😀

Beach Time Lola Munster & Lifeguard Christian Addams

It’s more Summer Fun with Beach Time Lola Munster and Lifeguard Christian Addams from Simply Betty Stamps!!  These two are ready to save your drowning sole from where ever you are swimming.  Ok, maybe a little too grim but at least they look great together.  😀  I used two other stamps in the background… Magnolia Clock with Hands and Jenni Bowlin Studios Protractor Clear Stamp.

Don’t forget to drop by the SBS Blog for al the other design team’s inspiration and I bet you can’t wait until this weekend for them to all be releases!  They’ve been fun to color and the paper I got over the weekend has been my own “life saver” in terms of mojo.  LOL  I’ve used the same paper for all the projects in the release and hope they don’t all look too much alike.  Anyway, hope you like this one and have a great day!

Soccer Edwin

Welcome back! I thought I get these all up quickly so they can “live” together as a set in blogland as you scroll down the posts. LOL So this evening I have Pablo the penguin, the last character I did from The Backyardigans. 😀

For this character I used Soccer Edwin from Magnolia Stamps and I must say the beak give him quiet the different appearance! I think it’s been fun to see how the combinations have come together and I loved adding his propeller beanie hat.

Here’s the complete set of cards that I will be giving as a gift. Having them put all together they scream Nickelodeon with all the bright colors – perfect for kids. 😀 And it doesn’t help much that I get The Backyardigans theme song stuck in my head. LOL (And if not that song, then certainly another one from the show!)

I couldn’t resit putting the whole gang together for one big group shot. He he he. These are the same images colored but temporarily placed on this background just to see them all together. I made the sun rays with vellum cardstock and tried to duplicate some stickers I found.

With the gang all together, are your ready for the theme song?!

Hi, I’m Pablo.
My name’s Tyrone.
I’m Uniqua.
I’m Tasha.
And my name is Austin.
And we’re …

Your backyard friends, the Backyardigans!
Together in the backyard again,
In the place where we belong,
Where we’ll prob’ly sing a song,
And we’ll maybe dance along.

We’ve got the whole wide world in our yard to explore.
We always find things we’ve never seen before.
That’s why every day we’re back for more
With your friends, the Backyardigans.

Tilda with Peonytails

We’re getting near the end of our “new” Backyardigans characters and I think Pablo is the only one left! However, you’ll have to wait for him because right now I’m showing off Tasha!! This is Tilda with Peonytails colored to look like Tasha the hippo. She and Tyrone have been my favorites with this experiment.

I originally had the peony colored pin, then changed it to tan and finally settled on purple – so luckily I was using a durable enough paper that I could keep adding layers! (I think it’s Make it Crafty Blending Stock or Stamping Bella.) But instead of going with something dark, I left h edges in pink with highlights form a white gel pen which I think turned out well.

The chippies I’ve been using on these cards is from Make it Crafty and are the Mix ‘n Match Centres for flowers but I like to use them as is. They’d be really cool with acrylic paint in a flower so maybe I’ll try that out on my next project before they’re all gone. 😀 Hope you like Tasha and stay tuned for more Backyardigans fun comeing this week!

Tennis Edwin

Today I’m bringing you Tennis Edwin as Austin the kangaroo! He’s another one of the characters in The Backyardigans and is usually described as “the one pulling up the rear. He’s kind of a get-along guy.” Some says he’s shy and other say grumpy or more villainous but I guess it just depends on the episode. Personally, he’s one of my favorites. 😀

I was debating on taking the tennis elements out but decided to leave them in and do as little alteration to the actual line-art as possible. So I stuck with coloring in some ears, gave him a tale and added the face. However, he’s the only character with a nose-nose!

I can’t believe the show is already finished with it’s fourth season and there’s about a dozen that I’ve missed! I’ll have to get on the DVR and see if I can fix that. He he he. Do you have a favorite episode? Daddy loves Samurai Pie and Mission to Mars. Not sure if I have a favorite but I’m always singing “Please and Thank You” (tune: “Shine On, Harvest Moon“) from Key to the Nile to my kids. LOL

Tilda with Cozy Heart

Welcome on back to the backyard where you get to meet Uniqua pretending to be a Magnolia Tilda! This cute little pink alien was so much fun to color and by request I’ve captured step-by-step photos of how she came to be.

Step 1. Carefully and lightly draw in your additions. Make sure to use a nice and clean eraser so you don’t leave any smudges.

Step 2. I erased as much as I dared to then colored in everything with RV11. I got distracted and was going to color just the antenna with the medium color and everything else with RV10. Half of the design is a darker pink on top of this current pink and the circles are easy to color so I didn’t mind coloring over them and adding them in later. If they were to be different colors, then I would make sure not to color them in – leaving them white like the eyes.

Step 3. I used RV32, RV11 and RV10 and shading in the ink areas.

Step 4. I used RV11 to sketch in and color the spots. Uniqua’s spots change position depending on which images your looking at, so I added them in the general spots and also shifted them around slightly to mesh with the image.

Step 5. The rest of Uniqua is a darker pink so I colored those areas in as well and shaded all the dark pink areas using R85, RV95, RV34 and RV32. With so much pink, what little girl wouldn’t love this character?!

Step 6. Take a break to do homework and go to class. LOL Then come back to finish up; adding color to the heart and socks; and more shadows in ares that need a little more depth. 😀

In hind sight… I was using Stamping Bella paper to color on and I should have left the dark pink ares blank then colored them in later as you can see I’ve reached the paper’s saturation level and it stopped blending well. You can catch up on the paper qualities in my Paper Project posts.

I’d like to enter this into the following challenges:

The Poodles Parlour Challenge – Anything goes
Stampin’ for the Weekend Challenge #6 – Anything goes
Magnolia-licious Challenge – Color challenge

Edwin with Stolen Heart

Is anyone a Backyardigans fan? Well, I’ve been having fun with some Magnolia stamps and colored a few of them to resemble the Backyardigans characters! LOL So this first one is Tyrone the moose and I used Edwin with Stolen Heart which was perfect!

All I had to do was add some antlers and ears then color in the face to look like Tyrone and the rest was easy… Edwin had the perfect shirt on and the face came naturally. 😀 To do this, I first drew in the the extras with a light pencil and just before coloring it, I erased the pencil marks as much as possible.

Check out that cute face… isn’t he adorable?! Tomorrow I’ll have a short tutorial on how I colored Uniqua so you can see how easy it was. I ended up coloring all five characters and made a gift set out of them for an elementary school teacher. So what do you think? An acceptable conversion?

I’d like to enter this into the following challenges:

Pattie’s Creations Challenge #40 – Anything goes
Phindy’s Place Challenge #98 – Animal planet
Simply Magnolia Challenge – Anything goes

Astronaut Tilda

O’ho’ho’o! Have I got a special project for you today!! 😀 It’s rare to actually capture Gilda but I finally found a good enough bribe and she posed for me just to share with you all! Confused yet? Well, this is Astronaut Tilda as she would look like if she lived on the moon.. Alien Gilda! LOL I saw Anneth’s Wolverine Tilda the other day and couldn’t resit giving it a try… so meet Gilda…

Well, what do you think? LOL We all want a Gilda in our collection right? Right? 😀 Ok, so not everyone will be a fan, I know, but she was such a fun challenge to color and it really opens up the possibilities for other faces too. Anneth has also donea Goth Tilda, which I tried but utterly failed and will have to try again later.

The colors in the face were done with N0-N8 and the new E80s colors which turned out great for the theme. I also colored the moon which was not a simple task…. I’ve done it several times before but never on such a large scale which made it super difficult to get the scaling correct in my mind. But one thing I’ve learned about coloring moons…. just keep going at it and eventually it will look “just fine!” 😀

I wish there were a couple Magnolia only challenges to enter this into but I’ve used the wrong colors and there are no flowers on this project… so alas, no challenges will have to do. 😀 Anyway, I hope you like the inspiration, even if you’re not a huge fan, but I still know it will make a perfect Father’s day card this year. He he he. Cheers!


I’ve got another surprise for you today and one that I’ve been working on a little bit each week. I made this journal page using Welcome to a Sweet Christmas by Magnolia and a sneak peek of Saffron from Little Miss Muffet Stamps!

I realized after this project was finished that I never had a plan when I started. I first had Saffron colored and ready for a winter scene … and lucky for me I found the Magnolia door! I don’t know why I colored it black and white but I think it turned out great – the contrast between the two images is perfect.

Here’s a close up of Saffron which is going to be a freebie over on the Little Miss Muffet Challenge blog coming up soon! You don’t want to miss out on her so keep and eye out for that to happen. But I’ll give you a hint… all the fun will start with the next LMMS Challenge. ;D

Some other fun items on the page are first, the poinsettia flowers I picked up at the craft store today. I *almost* wish I hadn’t because now I need to go back for some more! LOL Lastly, there are some gems and at the top corner is a chippie from Make it Crafty. Hope you’ve enjoyed it and Happy Holidays! 😀

I’d like to enter this into the following challenges:

Maggie Lovers Challenge #3 – Christmas with Magnolia
Pollycraft Monday Challenge #120 – Christmas Fun
Hooked on Craft Challenge #14 – Christmas
Ooh La La Creations Challenge #95 – Anything but a card
Magnolia Stamp Lovers Challenge – Magnolia accessory stamps