Sitting Tilda with Candy

I’m not sure if I’m ready to share this project but here goes anyway!  And some of you might want to close you’re eyes for this one.  He he he  I think this image is Sitting Tilda with Candy from Magnolia which I think was part of the So Jolly Under the Mistletoe Christmas 2009 Collection.  However, those are no longer candy canes in her pocket and she is no longer the Tilda you might recognize either!

Perhaps we can now rename her to Sitting Goth Tilda with Worms!  The inspiration for this one was actually initiated over a year ago with Anneth’s awesome creations.  She had posted a Goth Tilda and a Wolverine Tilda that really sparked my interest.   I have already posted my attempt at Wolverine but this one has sat on my desk unfinished since that time and I figured it was about time to just finish it.  So I colored the clothes and set her up on a card. 

The main reason she was sitting on my desk for over a year was because I wasn’t happy with how the face turned out… just not Gothic enough and the features are a little out of proportion for what I was aiming for.  However, I thought it would be good to post my successes along with my failures.

On the card I used a ribbon chipboard embellishment from Make it Crafty and colored it with Prismacolored pencils.  I started out with all one color but changed my mind half way through – luckily enough I was able to build upon the colors and cover up the first layer.  Coloring them with colored pencils has been fun so when I have the time you’ll see that more often.

I thought the skin tone was interesting and I might play with that a little more.  I think my Mom has a couple Tilda images that I haven’t seen yet – maybe one of those will be next on my coloring list.  😀  Thanks for coming by and I hope she didn’t freak you out too much.  LOL

8 thoughts on “Sitting Tilda with Candy

  1. WOW!! I love how you have coloured Tilda. Her face looks fabulous and those worms are brilliant! Wonderful choice of papers and layout tooSue xx


  2. LOL!!! Barbara this is too funny!!! hahahahah worms in her pocket! i love this! you have totally transformed her thats for sure…you are so talented! 🙂


  3. Barbara, I never would have known that this was a Tilda if you hadn't said so! Love the transformation, though, and love the whole card! Cracks me up, too! :^)Hugs, Penny


  4. I really LOOOOOOVE the way you use your Magnolia stamps. I don't like them, because of the ugly faces… but you are magical and do such fantastic things with them!I think you are incredible creative!!


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