Tilda with Anchor

I had a little time to play around this week… well, actually, I rebelled and skipped out on my homework!  LOL  But that aside, I had fun with this project and it took me the whole night too.  Of course, I might have been able to get it done faster if I hadn’t stopped to clean the craft room or just to turn off the TV would hae helped.  But it was rewarding!

My project was inspired by Chris who does amazing work with her scenes and I’m always in awe how they turn out.  Plus she was the first one that I spotted who used a regular and mini Magnolia image on the same project!  So I took inspiration from two of her cards which you can see HERE and HERE.

The images I used on this project were all rubber stamps and I masked areas to create the scene.  the characters are Tilda with Anchor and Ahoy Tilda from the 2012 Summer Memories collection, Magnolia Stamps.  (I think!)  The background and sentiment stamps are from Make ti Crafty and include the Palm Trees and Just Wanted to Say.  The rest of the scene was filled by me.

I experimented a little with the face and ended up coloring her four different times!  The main problem was my paper was giving out and wasn’t able to blend after a while.  This was Nenah paper and though it did fine with everything else on the page, the layers on the face was just a little beyond it capability.  I already knew this so why I didn’t think ahead before choosing my paper is unbeknownst to me.  (You can click HERE on what I’ve discovered about the papers I have.)  Anyway, I finally gave up and went a different route… Wobbles!

 I discovered these fun gizmos just recently and lucky for me the shipment arrived just the day before – so you know what that means!  It was on my desk just staring at me begging to be used!  LOL  I decided to take the surprised Tilda face and give it some ‘action.’  These Wobble springs are sticky on both sides with a plastic spring between the two layers.  Once it’s attached to your project, you can spring it and the image will shake/rotate back and forth.  Here’s a picture of the actual springing… so as you can imagine how much fun this might be! 

The clouds were used as part of the tutorial that I posted earlier this week.  So if you’re interested in how to make these clouds you can click HERE for some ideas.

Thanks for dropping by today and I hope you’re having a great weekend!   Ciao, a presto!

6 thoughts on “Tilda with Anchor

  1. I am just stunned to find out that these are Tildas! You have changed them completely by coloring their facial features! Wow! Love it! :^)Love the card, too, Barbara! Great scene, love all the coloring, love the stitching and the great sentiment pennants! :^)Hugs, Penny


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