A spooky door

You’re in the graveyard and you spot a quiet area in the corner. It’s dark but you feel at peace because of the cool night air and hooting owls. In the corner, you find steps that lead down to a Dungeon Door. You’re curious so you walk down and touch it – it’s ice cold and you feel something brush against your arm. Suddenly you’re not so sure anymore about you’re midnight stroll but it’s not too late to turn around. Or do you choose to open the door?

Have fun with your own adventures with this Dungeon Door stamp and check out all the new releases from Whimsy Stamps.

Metal Dies:
Wonky Stitched Rectangles die set
Extreme Postage die set
Boo die set

Dungeon Door clear set

Ranger Distressed Inks
Whimsy Blending Brushes
Copic markers on Hammermill Premium Color Copy 100# paper

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