Hello there!

This card was initiated from a hair challenge. When I drew this image, I had Pinkie Pie in mind from My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. I love that show! Anyway, I drew the girl’s hair not considering how it could be colored and since Pinkie’s hair is a bit wild, I realized it would take a bit of a wild marker to color it. LOL This was my first attempt at coloring the hair. I wanted it to look like she had big curls so I followed the outside hair shape as well as the inside hair shape to create the bumps. The rest of the card was fun to color and create – and since the image was inspired by MLP Friendship is Magic – I decided to go with a friendly hello.

Polka Dot Pals Iona Woodland Friends digital scamp

Metal Dies:
Zig Zag Stitched Rectangles die set
Comic Speech Bubbles die set
Hello Word and Shadow die set

Copic markers on Hammermill Premium Color Copy 100# paper

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