Bee Hive and Polka Dot Pals Faces from Whimsy Stamps

Here’s the results of the LIVE coloring session today – I enjoyed coloring the Bee Hive by DoveArt from Whimsy Stamps and then personalizing it with a face from Polka Dot Pals Faces. I also added the crown on the hive and thought that was cute message. Then for the sentiment, I used “bedazzling” from the Fill a Truck set and stamping that to say “bee-dazzling” for the theme.

The background was created on the fly (ha ha ha) and I added some extra flower and grass details in the foreground. Then I added some dimension with more flowers and Nuvo drops.

There are more coloring sessions available and I have a new sign up process – you’ll see thumbnails and details all on one page. Come check it out HERE.

List of Common Supplies

Polka Dot Pals Faces
Fill a Truck (sentiment)
Bee Hive

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