Using the OOAK Stamp

The last post featured details on how I carved and created this one of a kind stamp using a Rubber Block and Carving Tools kit I bought on Amazon. Today I’m showing how I used it to create a card. I had to give it a good “test” before sending it off, right? Continue reading for more details on how I created this carding using these key products:

Rubber Block and Carving Tools

With this time of year, it might be easy to assume I carved Santa – but nope! He’s not the only one with a long beard so I was eager to stamp something up and debunk that misconception. This stamp was commissioned by a teacher who wanted to personalize the paper he graded. As a gift to him, I created this card and colored it to his likeness.
I wanted to create a dark background and then have the face colored and stand out in the corner. To do the background, I stamped the heads all around and then colored the background with gray using markers, stencils, alcohol, distressed inks and brushes to get the grunge look. Then I stamped and colored the head on a separate paper and added it to the card front with foam tape. It turned out perfectly if I can say so myself.

List of Common Supplies

Copic Markers:
E13, 18, 29, 49, BV29 (beard)
C2, 4, 6, T5 (headphones)
T3, 5, 7, W8 (cap)
100 (glasses)
E000, 30, 31, 34, E04, BV20, 23 (skin)

2 thoughts on “Using the OOAK Stamp

  1. That really turned out nice!! Love how you finished him off with head phones, hat and sun glasses!!!! Awesome job… interesting!!


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