Inspired by Danielle Donaldson

The Art of Creative Watercolor by Danielle Donaldson is a book I’ve been working through and have enjoyed her whimsical style. Here are some more of her “Littles” and also followed up by one that I created on my own.

These were some of my favorite characters in the book. I did all the pencil work up front because I had a hard #2 pencil only at the time and it didn’t work to go back in after the watercolor was applied.
Here they are colored in rainbow order. I used Karin watercolor markers on Strathmore Hot Press Premium 140# paper. With these markers and the details, I’m finding I am enjoying the hot press paper more than cold press.
This last one was done from my imagination using the inspiration I had picked up from the book. It was colored on Arteza cold press 140# paper. The background was done with Winsor & Newton half pan travel watercolors and the characters and foliage was colored with Korin brush markers. I wasn’t able to control the color and water as easily on this paper but was able to play with some cold press techniques of mixing colors. The cat and mermaid tails were done in the metallic Korin brush markers.

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