Polka Dot Pals Beau from Whimsy Stamps

Is it time for spring cleaning or renovations? Either way, Polka Dot Pals Beau is ready for the challenge. You might not recognize her, however, you’re not going to recognize this space once she gets done with it, for sure. You go girl. Read below for giveaway details and more details on how this card was created using these featured products:

Polka Dot Pals Beau
Polka Dot Pals Colton
Haunted Parlor

Want the card featured in this post? Dibs it in the comments below!! Be sure to add “DIBS” to be eligible in the random drawing and I will announce the winner with my next post in a couple days. Good Luck!
This card started with the Haunted Parlor in the background. I colored it with non-Halloween colors to make it looks like an old house with the browns and whites. The next step was to add my character. Polka Dot Pals Beau is sitting and she didn’t fit very well in the room and it looked awkward to me. So I stamped her head and then stamped the boy of Polka Dot Pals Colton so she would be standing in the foreground. I used the brush and step ladder accessories to help complete the scene.

List of Common Supplies

Whimsy Stamps:
Polka Dot Pals Beau
Polka Dot Pals Colton
Haunted Parlor

Copic Colors:
YG93, 95, 99
Y11, 15, 26
E30, 31
E21, 23, 25
W4, 6, 8, 10, N1, 2, 3, C4
YG21, 25, 17, 67
BV23, B91
E70, 71, 74, 77, 79

3 thoughts on “Polka Dot Pals Beau from Whimsy Stamps

  1. Can’t really Dibs again already, lol! I love Frankenstein BeauColt! Can’t believe the background can be this awesome, in fact almost as interesting as the foreground, in fact slightly distractingly amazing! Took me a while to think how I felt like I had coloured this Polkapal but also not coloured her! Brain explodes. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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