Polka Dot Pals Kezia

This card is one scrumptious sherbert-tastic card! I took an idea from my daughter who had colored an image as a rainbow through everything except for the head. I thought that was an intriguing idea and gave it a try with this gal, Polka Dot Pals Kezia and her little puppy.

Polka Dot Pals Kezia
Card Builder Windows

The image my daughter used was a winter image so there wasn’t as much skin showing so I don’t think the effect worked as well on my image as it did hers. However, having the ice cream in the picture helps show the idea.
For the face of Polka Dot Pals Kezia, I decided to color in my own and not use one of the add-on faces. I’ve been trying to adjust the way I color the eyelids by giving a highlight above the eye and a lighter one below the eye. Then I’m also trying out new eyelashes and just making a thick line instead of individual lashes. How do you think it’s working out?
This was one hard card to photograph. I had lots of problems with my camera but I think the psychedelic colors in the background threw it for a loop. I had to pull out my trusty handheld camera for this one. LOL But I love the bright colors and know it will cheer up someone’s day.

List of Common Supplies

Whimsy Stamps
Polka Dot Pals Kezia
Card Builder Windows

Copic Markers:
T2, 4, 6, 8
RV10, R12, YR02, 12, Y11, 15, YG01, BG11, BV02
E71, 74, 77, 79
E30, 31, 23, R12, E04, BV23, 20
YG21, 23, 17, 67, 99

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