Polka Dot Pals Leland

This is one of those projects that started out as a small idea yet kept expanding as it was created. I have lighting elements and interchangeable hair and accessories to dress this fellow up at the barber shop… plus it’s on a slimline card AND I made a video coloring the face. Wow! This is one interactive card (and post) that will keep you busy and I have loads of pictures too.

Polka Dot Pals Leland
Slimline Card Builder Die

I mustache you… have you seen Leland? I have several little mustache brads and I couldn’t resist not putting on on this card. I made a magnet out of it by cutting off the brad part with little tin snips. Then I glued a tiny magnet inside which was cut from the magnet sheet. The metal of the brad helps it stay in place so the magnet inside didn’t have to be perfect.
Lookin’ sharp buddy! Here he is with tight curly hair and the barber’s bib. The bib can be used on both Polka Dot Pals Leland here and also on the Polka Dot Pals Louisa. So on another project I could easily see a girls’ night out at the beauty salon.
On thing I like about this fellow is that he’s bald because the hair possibilities are limitless when using creative color placement. You can draw in any type of hair style, girl or boy, long or short, whatever. I love that!
This is the inside of the card on the top part. The lights I used are fairy string lights. The string is long so I had to wrap it around several time and tape it against the sides of the foam tape. I think this fit around four or five times but the lights are far apart so this was necessary to give an even glow for the window.
For the fairy string lights, I chose the color red. They come in all sorts of colors but I thought red fit the theme I was going for.
This is the inside of the card where I added a magnetic strip to hold all the accessories. So far I have four hairstyles, one mustache and the barber’s bib. As my kids have shown me, the hair can also be used for beards and mustaches too. They had a lot of fun showing what Polka Dot Pals Leland looked like when he entered then exited the barber shop.
Here’s a close up of Polka Dot Pals Leland. I colored this face without using an add-on face stamp which I show in my video. It’s not perfectly mirrored or centered but that’s one of the qualities of building the face from scratch. We humans don’t have symmetrical faces either so I call it a “natural” look. LOL
Here’s a close up of the barber shelf which was recessed in the card with a window. The square was placed on a thin layer of foam so the lights would shine behind and in front. I did this so the lights weren’t so bright and there was more of a soft look to them. It would have been fun to put yellow lights in the barber poles too but I ran out of space and it was too much of an afterthought to incorporate.

List of Common Supplies

Whimsy Stamps:
Polka Dot Pals Leland
Polka Dot Pals Louisa
Slimline Card Builder Die
Shaker Maker Foam Tape – White

Copic Markers:
T1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
B000, 00
Y11, 15, 26, YR30, 31
B12, 16, 18
YG23, 67, 01
R05, 27, 59
E49, 47, 43, E09, 07
W5, 7, 8
B14, 97
T1, 3, BV20, 23 (eyes and shadows)
E71, 74, 77, 79 (eyes)
E30, 31, 23, 25, R02, E04 (face)

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