And now for something entirely different… a game of basket-boom! Oh yes, it’s played on the most festive occasions such as patriotic day and new year’s eve. This one gets played often high up in the rocky mountains as you can tell by the permanent explosion marks on the ground. The only draw back is that it requires a new hoop. Bummer.

This is an original creation that was inspired by my recycle bin. I had found the beginnings of a drawing that included a head, two arms and the bomb. What was that doing in there? Well that looked interesting! So I pulled it out and continued to draw in the rest of the image and this was the result.
I had fun coloring this image too. I used the bright colors for the fireworks and the gremlin then muted colors for the rest of the scenery. The explosion marks on the ground make me chuckle and tells a good story. So, who’s up for the next game of basket-boom?

List of Common Supplies
Card Builder Windows

Copic Markers:
R05, 27, 02
C3, 6, 8
B12, 16
E11, 13, 15
E31, 35
Y15, 38, 24
YG01, 23, G24
Y21, E30
W2, 3, 5, BV23

One thought on “Basket-Boom

  1. Fabulous card Barbara and great story! I think that you should make it into a children’s book…just sayin


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