Polka Dot Pals Douglas Don’t Panic DCS

Attention all froods*, do you know where your towel is? Get it handy because today is Towel Day! In celebration, I have put together two digital coloring scenes that have a Hitchhiker’s theme to them. The first one is featured here, Polka Dot Pals Douglas Don’t Panic, and is a freebie for today only at Whimsy Stamps.

*Frood is a common slang word that means someone who is very together, often paired with the term ‘hoopy’ as in: “a hoopy frood”.

YouTube Video:
Coloring Planetary Details

I have enjoyed coloring this one while listening to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I actually started listening to it when I was drawing the scenes. Drawing, digitizing and preparing the image, plus coloring and adding light elements to the card was well within the time frame to complete the book too. It was enjoyable.
For those who are Douglas Adams fans, you’ll recognize several tributes on my project including the towel, “Don’t Panic”, 42, fish and Millyways* elements. This hitchhiker is also particularly a literary fan because he has four eyes.

* If you’ve done six impossible things this morning, why not round it off with breakfast at Millyways, the restaurant at the end of the universe? – Bastablom Executives
This card was assembled with black foam tape, a must have! The Shaker Maker Foam Tape – Black is perfect on darker cards and blends in well so it doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb as the white would do.
Between the layers, I added two Pear Blossom Press EZ-Lights and taped them in position to light up the gems on the front. The cardstock layer just behind the image was cut in the shape of the gem so it would allow the light to shine through. The shape also keeps it contained so only the gem glowed.
Looking at completed project, you have two choices to go and the gems will light the way. Choose to go LEFT for FISH and the left gems will light up.
Choose to go RIGHT to Millyways and the right side gems will light up. This has been a fun interactive card and is even better in the person. In the dark, you can see how much the gems light up – below I’ve pressed both signs to show the left and right side lit up.

YouTube Video:
Coloring Planetary Details

Supplies Used:
Hammermill Premium Color Copy 100lb
Sakura Gelly Roll White Pen
Sharpie White Marker
Pear Blossom Press EZ-Lights
stitched border die

Whimsy Stamps:
Polka Dot Pals Douglas Don’t Panic digital coloring scene
Shaker Maker Foam Tape – Black

Copic Markers:
G40, 02, BG34, 13, 57
E81, 42, 84, 44, 87
YG21, 23, 17, 67
Y26, 32, 31, 30
C0, 1, 2, 3, BV20, B21, R11
YR31, 21, 14, 19
B12, BG11, B16, 93, 97
B91, 93, 97
R05, 27, 59
W5, 7, 8, BV25
V04, 06, 09

You’ll find both Polka Dot Pals Trillian Towel Day and Polka Dot Pals Douglas Don’t Panic as freebies for today only over at Whimsy Stamps. After today, they’ll be available to purchase. Please respect the artist’s copyright and send your friends and followers to Whimsy Stamps to download the images themselves and don’t distribute the images even after they are no longer freebies. Thank you.

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