Window Foam Fronts

What are we doing this week in our house? More black-out poetry! We used a Window foam front from Queen & Co. to create a shaker card and each of us picked a panel to create our poetry. As customarily, we ripped out pages from my scrap dictionary and got to work.

When finished and the kit was assembled, I used the blank window cover from the kit and colored it to look like an old white panel window. I used E70, 71 and 74 Copic Markers. It was a fun family project. I honestly wasn’t sure how the frame would look like but it turned out better than I though. I might do it again!
My poem reads: “Informal citizens together getting along in harmony.”
Cassandra’s poem reads: “Work on a sheer fabric, such as toilet paper.”
Lydia’s poem reads: “Policy on people to deflect criticism on English.”
Amelia’s poem reads: “A diagonally diagram explains the relationship between a chart graph, a diagram worked out by lines magically.”

Thank you for everyone who reads my blog and also to those to leave comments. Your support and encouragement is inspirational and motivates my creative juices. 😀 Thank you, thank you! Cheers and have a wonderful week!

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