Floral Truck

Here are a few projects that I’ve been working on with my daughters as we learn how to watercolor together. These are kits from Let’s Make Art and we selected the Floral Truck to start with and shared the ink between us. There was still plenty left if we wanted to do it again.

This one was by Amelia and her interpretation of the project.
Painted by Lydia – she went with a more conservative truck load of flowers and made her truck more colorful.
This was done by Cassandra who wanted a a non-sentimental tag number and one type of flower.
Lastly this one is mine. Light blue and aqua colored old pick-up trucks remind me of my grandfather so this was a must have project for me. I added lost of rust to match the one he had. His had so much rust that there were holes in the wheel wells. Oh I loved that ruck.

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