Pocket Tin Doll Set

I’m joining the pocket tin craze and have come up with this small doll set kit. The size of the tin is approx. 4″ x 2.5″ and under an inch thick . . . the size of an Altoids mint tin.

Toys used are a combination of what we had around the house including Squinkies, XiaXia Pets Hermit Crab items and some older Fisher Price dolls.

The blanket and pillow was made with the help of my Mom… the quilt is actually quilted! (Not pieced together, as that’s just a printed fabric, but quilted with the machine including the batting in the middle. Oh yeah, I went out of my way on that one.). The edges are just double quilted then I used pinking scissors to create a decorative edge.

I made three tins and let the kids make the toy selection. The doll (and extras) fit snugly in bed when closed.  The quilt was a bit over-sized and needs some finesse for presentation but since the tin still closes without resistance, I decided not to make alterations.

Creating the windows took most of the effort. Papers and dies/punches were used to create the scene and beads were used to add color to the flowers. Making the curtains was a complicated process that included fabric glue and coordination – definitely not something I’m making a tutorial on.

If you are looking for the same style curtains but a lot simpler, check out this adorable idea that uses ribbon . . . My Froggy Princess A Home for the Squinkies.

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