Jr. Hatter Frankie

Welcome! Today Little Miss Muffet Stamps is sponsoring a special young girl, Cassandra, who is deaf. She also happens to be my 11-year-old daughter and one of my muses when drawing images. She attends a public school and has asked for real-time captioning (RTC). RTC is where a captionist will type up what is spoken in class and display it on a tablet so she can read information that she has missed. Without it, she struggles every day and has to guess at the meaning of half-heard words and sentences. 

This event is to raise awareness and to spread the word. You can read more about her story HERE and sign the petition HERE. For each signature we receive, the school administrators receive and email regarding our request. I hope you can help me fill their inboxes! 

To support this petition, and to spread the word, Little Miss Muffet Stamps has released a dozen New Images to play with.
Plus Polka Dot Pals Rosalie is a freebie in the store for everyone to join in. We’d love to see what you’ll create… but more importantly, we hope you can help Cassandra by signing the petition and spreading the word. 

You are welcome to send words of encouragement:
CART for Cassandra
P.O. Box 163462
Fort Worth, TX 76161-3462 

This is the project I’ve made for today using Jr. Hatter Frankie.  I used a simple design with twine and a chipboard dragonfly from Make it Crafty.  Then I had fun with the colors – especially the puppy.

Check out what the other Little Misses have created HERE.

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