Sunbonnet Fireman’s Fire Hose

I created this project for the Anything Goes Challenge at Little Miss Muffet Stamps!  It truly is Anything Goes and we love to see what you create.  😀

That little boy is Sunbonnet Fireman’s Fire Hose rubber stamp from Little Miss Muffet Stamps.  He was so much fun to color and gave me a good excuse to use lots of red.  Because it was a boy card, I tried to keep the embellishments simple and not so fru-fru.  The dragonflies are on the border of that since their wings are lacy but the theme was appropriate for a boy so hopefully it works.

I actually made a little mistake while coloring this one up.  Can you see it?  I’ll give you a hint… I fixed it digitally on the square-on project so you can only see it in the second photo.  Do you see it now?  Yep, it’s there.  But it’s one of those things that if I hadn’t pointed it out you’d never would have seen it.  Those are the best kinds of mistakes.  LOL

Here’s a bit of something extra that might be fun for you or someone you know.  This is our rock collection that my daughter started on one of our cross-country road trips.  We were traveling over the Rocky Mountains and noticed all the different colors of soil.  So on our way back, we stopped at various places and collected a gamut of samples. 

Our most recent sample is the dark reddish one which we collected while visiting New Mexico.  We’ve also been able to add a few to the collection from donations – such as the fossils.  This has been a fun activity!

Thanks for dropping by my blog today and I hope you have a wonderful week.  Make sure to add one of your projects this week into the Anything Goes Challenge and share what you’ve been up to!

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