Sugar ‘n Spice Dolls Pepper

I just wanted to pop in with a project to share and to also say thank you for helping out in the Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser with Little Miss Muffet Stamps!  With any luck, my kids are happily jump roping today at school – but with the snow falling on the ground there is a chance school will be cancelled and the actual jump rope event will be delayed until Monday.  But regardless… they’re elated with both!  LOL

With purchases and separate donations together we raised $108 total – that’s $54 for each!

For this project, I used Sugar ‘n Spice Dolls Pepper with a fun rope-like ribbon that I found at the craft store and just “had” to use with this card.  😀  I hope you enjoy and thank you!

To do this, I colored and cut out the image, cutting away the jump rope but leaving the jump rope handles.  Holes were punched behind the dolls’ hands where I threaded the plastic ribbon (the jump rope) through and taped the ends onto the back of the green paper.  Then with foam dots I popped the image on top.  This is one project that I’m super excited how my idea actually worked!  LOL  Lastly, I added some doodles where were directly inspired by one of Faye’s recent projects.  Thanks Faye!  😀

4 thoughts on “Sugar ‘n Spice Dolls Pepper

  1. Great fundraiser and well done to your girls, hope they had fun today ;)Smashing card Barbara, and ingenious use of that ribbon ;)Have a great weekend, Jo xx


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