Polka Dot Pals Andy

Here’s a simple birthday card that I created using Polka Dot Pals Andy from Little Miss Muffet Stamps.  He’s a bit green but I think you’re going to love the inspiration none the less!  LOL  He has probably stayed up all night and day playing his new game – which is something I’ve sort of down lately (the staying up all night and day, not the new game).  I think my kids would be along side of me too (and they’d be playing the new game)!  So if I don’t feel like I’m making any sense lately… we’ll, now you know why.  He he he

This was a fun little guy to color and would be just as much fun to color him a non-green color.  But you see, Jennifer colored a little piggy (she went Hot Wild with Extreme Color Placement!) so I had to respond with something – and she did such an awesome job with hers that I had to take the non-serious route and came up with coloring Kermit!


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